The Art Teacher: When Jorge Linares arrived in England to take the register and deliver his lesson

When Jorge Linares moved to London in 2017, it was reminiscent of Arsene Wenger’s arrival at Arsenal in 1996. Similar to Wenger, Linares was seen as an expert in his field, here to improve the skills of others. His presence was highly valued among British fight fans and boxers alike. Linares had already showcased his talent with three notable victories on British soil, and his return to train in London was seen as a gift from the boxing gods.

Linares expressed his enjoyment of training in England, citing the warm welcome he received from the people. He was surprised to learn that many people recognized him and appreciated his work. He expressed his desire to return to England in the future, whether to train or fight.

Jorge Linares is well-known in England for several reasons. He defeated Kevin Mitchell in 2015 and Anthony Crolla twice, in 2016 and 2017. He also defeated Luke Campbell in 2017. Linares has been praised for his skills since turning professional in 2002, winning four world titles in three weight divisions. However, it is his opponents who truly understand his abilities and have to strategize to overcome his speed and footwork.

Linares faced different challenges in each of his fights against Mitchell, Crolla, and Campbell. Mitchell’s agility and strength made their encounter tough, while Crolla’s hometown advantage in Manchester added an extra challenge. Linares had to learn how to deal with the passionate and noisy British fans. Despite these challenges, Linares was able to perform well and come out on top.

Linares’ extensive experience fighting in various countries has made him adaptable and comfortable performing away from home. He thrives on the road, where he is less pressured and can focus on his skills. Linares’ technique and combinations are nearly perfect, but his vulnerability adds excitement to his fights and endears him to fans. He has faced losses throughout his career, which have made him a better fighter and improved his intelligence and dangerousness in the ring.

At nearly 38 years old, Linares acknowledges that his time in the sport is limited. However, he feels better than ever and continues to learn and enjoy the process of preparing for fights.

Since expressing his uncertainty about his future in the sport, Linares has faced several more losses. However, he remains determined and hopeful for his upcoming fight against a British opponent in the UK.

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