Remnant 2: How to defeat the Mother Mind

Fighting the Mother Mind in Remnant 2 for the first time with my fellow gamer was a daunting overcome that took many tries. However, once you understand it, the boss fight becomes relatively straightforward.

Here are some effective tactics for conquering the formidable Mother Mind in Remnant 2.

Locating the Mother Mind in Remnant 2

The Mother Mind boss resides in the Yaesha Realm and can be tracked down on the Nameless Nest map. The procedurally generated nature of Remnant 2 might mean you do not come across it in the initial playthrough campaign. You can, however, fight this boss and reap its rewards in the Adventure mode.

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As soon as the Mother Mind boss battle begins, you’ll immediately realize the precarious nature of the chamber, with four main rectangular platforms and a seemingly endless pit at the center. Two platforms are elevated, with sharp ramps descending to the lower ones. Avoid dropping into the gaping chasm as it means instant death.

Catalog of Mother Mind attacks

At the commencement of the boss fight, you’ll discover that the Mother Mind has a range of main attacks. Here are all its probable strikes and corresponding timestamps from the following video.

  • Lengthy preparation leading to vertical strikes across the terrain (0:33)
  • Dual-hit whirlwind-like slash (0:38)
  • A delayed assault where the Mother Mind becomes impervious and demolishes platforms (0:46 to 1:00)
  • The ability to spawn smaller creatures (1:01)
  • A strike that sprays projectiles which poison the ground (1:07)

As with any boss fight, evading at the optimal time is key. The vertical strike and whirlwind attack both have delayed windows and the whirlwind will require a double-dodge.
Adjust your dodges accordingly. Video by Dot Esports

Top strategies and techniques for outperforming the Mother Mind in Remnant 2

Having knowledge of all the attacks is beneficial, but it won’t guarantee a win. You will need to improve your dodge skills and get the correct gear and consumables before you face this boss battle.

Here are some helpful pointers for overpowering the Mother Mind in Remnant 2:

  • Avoid stagnating on one platform. If the boss unexpectedly ascends, swiftly move to the following platform before it flies up again.
  • Focus on eliminating the smaller creatures promptly—particularly the blue ones who can teleport, making them elusive. While these are not as damaging as the boss, they can steadily deplete your health if left unchecked. A weapon mod like the Voltaic Rondure obtained from defeating the Bloat King could help you inflict damage on smaller foes while you target the boss.
  • Steer clear of the poison spread on the ground. It can cause higher damage than expected.
  • Target the glowing red “eye” of the Mother Mind. Attacking this weak spot will cause substantial damage.

If the Mother Mind continues to be challenging, consider going back to Ward 13 to upgrade your weaponry or seek more Relic charges from Wallace. For my clash against the Mother Mind, I used the Royal Hunting Bow since it ranks as my preferred weapon. You might want to select a weapon more suited to your favored playing style and class.

Prizes for conquering the Mother Mind

Your successful defeat of the Mother Mind will be rewarded with several items:

  • 3 Lumenite Crystals
  • A Trait point
  • 500 Scrap
  • The Cordyceps Gland crafting resource

Bring the Cordyceps Gland to Ava McCabe at Ward 13 who will help you create the Tremor weapon mod. You’ll require the crafting elements dropped by the Mother Mind, along with five Lumenite Crystals and 650 Scrap.

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The Tremor mod lets you launch a projectile that “fractures the ground, leading to shockwaves that deal 75 damage” within a nine meters radius for six seconds, as described on the item. The shockwaves then inflict 3x impact.

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