OpTic Gaming Has Left Rocket League Esports

OpTic Gaming has decided to exit the Rocket League Esports landscape following a short-lived and lackluster stint.

With their decision to withdraw from Rocket League Esports, OpTic Gaming has let go of their team composed of head coach RawGreg and players AYYJAYY, Retals, and MaJicBear.

OpTic Gaming’s Rocket League Endeavour Failed to Ascend

Despite the fact that AJ, Retals, and MaJicBear, representing the Green Wall, have impressive individual careers in Rocket League, as a team they could not quite gain momentum.

Every Green Wall member has demonstrated greater success in tournaments prior to joining OpTic Gaming. Their journey with Rocket League has consistently shown strong qualifier performances but have fallen short when it came to the main events. 

Following their underwhelming performance at the RLCS 2021-2022 World Championship where they finished 13-16th, OpTic Gaming was unable to qualify this year. Their last appearance as a team was at the Gamers8 2023 Showmatches where despite successful matches against Gaimin Gladiators and Ground Zero Gaming, they ended up placed at 13th-16th after a 0-3 defeat by RLCS 2022-2023 World Champions, Team Vitality. 

What’s Next for AJ, Retals, and MaJicBear?

OpTic Gaming’s decision to leave Rocket League came as a shock, not just to us, but to its players as well. Retals revealed in a recent stream that he had intended to retire as a member of OpTic Gaming, only to be presumably informed of the team’s disbandment by fellow player AyyJay during the stream. 

Retals and MaJicBear have stated they plan to continue their partnership, while AyyJayy confirmed live that the chances of the trio staying intact for the next season are next to none.

Despite the sudden changes, all three players show great promise in the field of Rocket League and are expected to stir up the upcoming Rocket League Rostermania.

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