Nodwin Gaming and JSW Sports form alliance enhancing India’s esports landscape

A significant figure in gaming and esports journalism, NODWIN Gaming has disclosed a joint venture with JSW Sports, India’s foremost sports promoter and management corporation. This strategic union targets to revolutionize the gaming, esports, and cultural intellectual property (IPs) scenario, thus paving the path for momentous advancements in India’s emerging esports market.

The coalition merges the know-how of both parties, primarily aiming at launching new esports-focused IPs in India. Additionally, they aspire to instruct the market and significant stakeholders while establishing efficient partnership platforms for brands and advertisers.

As per Storyboard 18, Akshat Rathee, co-founder and managing director of NODWIN Gaming, disclosed his elation about this juncture. He stressed the potential possibilities in esports content distribution and monetization and lauded NODWIN Gaming’s leadership in the field, enhanced by JSW Sports’ commercial wisdom, as the driving impetus behind the partnership’s success.

COO of JSW Sports, Divyanshu Singh, stressed India’s esports audience’s growth prediction for the market. With an estimated 150 million viewers and substantial revenue prophecies, Singh emphasized the strategic coordination between JSW Sports and NODWIN Gaming to exploit these trends.

The partnership’s strategy covers diverse facets, such as sponsorship, media rights, activation, and influencer engagement, targeted at boosting the worth of gaming and esports content. This collaborative effort signals a new era in India’s esports ecosystem, set to establish norms for the industry’s future.

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