Nepal’s 4Merical eSports wins MCB MLBB Champion Battles 

4Merical eSports clinches victory in MCB Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in Nepal.

Kathmandu, September 18

The MCB Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Champions Battle saw the Nepal-based 4Merical eSports claim victory. The competition took place at the Anmol Banquet in Sankhamul, Kathmandu between 14th to 16th September.

In the tournament’s final, 4Merical eSports achieved an unassailable 4-0 win against 69 Gaming Nepal.

Four teams participated in this tournament, with half of them representing Nepal and the other two from Bangladesh.

4Merical eSports comprises of members like BigBlackClock, Lunatic Panda, Yahiko, Masarap, Xerox, and ʜʏʙʀɪᴅ. The team walked away with the winning prize of USD 2,000.

The victorious team of 4Merical eSports, consisting of BigBlackClock, Lunatic Panda, Yahiko, Masarap, Xerox and ʜʏʙʀɪᴅ, were bestowed with a cash prize of USD 2,000.

In the M5 World Championship Wild Card event scheduled to be held in Malaysia this November, 4Merical eSports will represent South Asia on the global platform.

In this tournament, MLT CR from Bangladesh claimed the third place.

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