Mobile Legends Kadita guide: Best build, skills, emblem

Kadita, referred to as the Ocean Goddess, wields the ability to command the ocean waters and weather. She uses these unique powers to safeguard her dwelling, the Southern Seas.

This potent hero, who takes on the roles of a mage and an assassin, can instantly obliterate adversaries with her deadly combo in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Kadita’s survival skills impress. Her vitality comes from her distinctive skill set that comprises HP restoration, control immunity, and becoming untargetable.

Discover how to use Kadita, the Southern Seas’ queen, effectively with this extensive guide from ONE Esports.

Kadita’s Abilities in Mobile Legends

Passive Skill – Thalassophobia

Every thirty seconds, Kadita gains the Ocean’s Blessing. Activated upon receiving damage from enemy heroes, the Blessing lasts a few seconds enabling her to regain a substantial percentage of the lost HP at the end of the duration.

  • Thalassophobia endows you with the power to restore HP during combat, letting you confront adversaries courageously and bear their assaults. Nevertheless, defensive play is advised when this is in cooldown.
  • A water sphere revolving around Kadita is an indication that the passive skill is available.

First Ability – Ocean Ode

In the chosen direction, Kadita summons an ocean wave to carry her and return, dealing magic damage to enemies in its path and slowing them. Whilst in the wave, she becomes immune to control and takes reduced damage. This skill can traverse obstacles and terrain.

Second Use: Without interrupting the wave’s course, Kadita exits the wave.

  • As Ocean Ode is her primary mobility and damage ability, focus on enhancing it first.
  • Initiate your assault with this skill. Its control immunity and damage reduction effects help bypass the adversary’s frontline, targeting vulnerable heroes at the back.
  • Ocean Ode can facilitate escape from challenging situations, enabling traversal through walls and turrets.
  • Ocean Ode has a set casting range, hence, care should be taken when preparing to ride the wave, particularly near enemy turrets.

Second Ability – Breath of the Ocean

Kadita, after a brief delay, summons an ocean wave to burst at the chosen site. This magic damage inflicts enemies and knocks them into the air.

Kadita is able to cast this skill during Ocean Ode to summon an ocean wave beneath her with a shorter eruption delay.

  • Breath of the Ocean is Kadita’s only crowd control skill. Fuse it with Ocean Ode for setting up your ultimate.
  • Use caution when using the Ocean Ode-Breath of the Ocean combo. Activating Breath of the Ocean dissipates the control immunity from your first skill, rendering you susceptible to CC effects from adversaries.
  • When casting Breath of the Ocean, use the skill indicator to optimize its area of effect.

Ultimate Skill – Rough Waves

Kadita dives underground and releases ocean waves in all directions. Each wave deals magic damage to hit enemies, slowing them. Encountering multiple waves results in increased damage to enemies. Shortly after, the waves return to her, each inflicting magic damage to hit enemies.

When underground, Kadita becomes untargetable and gains enhanced movement speed.

  • The nearer you are to your target when Rough Waves is triggered, the greater is the damage dealt. Therefore, following the Ocean Ode-Breath of the Ocean combo, you may want to relocate yourself.
  • While underground, you can move to chase enemies and hit them with the returning waves.
  • Since Rough Waves make you untargetable and award you with augmented movement speed, use it to flee from risky positions. However, while underground, you cannot cross obstacles and terrains.

An Exhaustive Guide on Using Kadita in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Suggested Battle Spell

Recommended battle spell for Kadita in Mobile Legends, Petrify and Flicker
Credit: ONE Esports

The most suited battle spell for Kadita is Petrify. Use it to paralyze your target, ensuring you land your skill combos on them.

Flicker is another appropriate choice, contributing additional mobility to bridge the distance with enemies or evade them. You can also utilize it for repositioning your ultimate while casting.

Advised Emblem

Credit: ONE Esports

To maximize your damage and pickoff potential, go for the Assassin emblem. It substantially boosts your adaptive penetration, adaptive attack, and movement speed.

Alternatively, you can consider choosing the Magic emblem, which offers significant magic power, cooldown reduction, and magic penetration.

Pick Rupture in the first tier to acquire additional adaptive penetration, and Bargain Hunter in the second tier to reduce the cost of items. If you want to gain extra magic power, replace Bargain Hunter with Weapons Master.

In the final tier, take Lethal Ignition, which empowers you to deal additional adaptive damage to enemies hit by your combos.

Most Effective Kadita Build

Credit: ONE Esports

Your main objective is to decimate frail heroes on the enemy team; hence, it is critical to boost your magic power and magic penetration.

Start with common Boots then hurry to get Clock of Destiny to maximize its stacks as quickly as you can.

Progress to Arcane Boots, and if you’re functioning as a roamer, equip it with a Conceal roaming blessing so you can stealthily position yourself in unexpected spots.

Next, purchase Genius Wand to lower your opponents’ magic defense, Lightning Truncheon to inflict extra damage derived from magic power, and Holy Crystal to increase your magic power.

Conclude your build with Divine Glaive to further boost your magic penetration, which allows for dealing substantial damage even to sturdy enemies.

If the need arises to enhance your survivability, particularly in the late game phase, consider replacing either your Holy Crystal or Divine Glaive with Immortality or Winter Truncheon.

The Optimal Build for Kadita in Mobile Legends

  • Arcane Boots
  • Clock of Destiny
  • Genius Wand
  • Lightning Truncheon
  • Holy Crystal
  • Divine Glaive

Basic Combos to Master

Credit: Moonton Games

During the laning stage, use Ocean Ode to approach your adversary and then unleash Breath of the Ocean. Progress your aim of Ocean Ode so you can alter the activation of Breath of the Ocean.

Also, rotate to the side lanes in the early game for potential pickoffs.

Upon acquiring Rough Waves, you can carry out various combos to annihilate opponents.

The simplest combo is to use Ocean Ode to draw near your target, then launch them into the air with Breath of the Ocean, and finally dispatch them with Rough Waves.

If you have sufficient items to burst a target, trigger Rough Waves immediately after using Ocean Ode to avoid getting controlled.

Utilize bushes to ambush your enemies. Furthermore, integrate your battle spell into your combo.

If you possess Petrify, activate it after employing the Ocean Ode-Breath of the Ocean combo to immobilize your target. This ensures you hit them with the knock-up effect from your second skill and Rough Waves.

If you have Flicker, use it to shift Rough Waves toward your target’s retreat path if they manage to evade Breath of the Ocean or dispel it with Purify.

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