Does Grounded have split screen, co-op or crossplay?

Grounded, the charming base-building survival game from Obsidian Entertainment, finally saw its full release launch last week on PC and Xbox consoles. The game has been in early access for just over two years, but now with the majority of story content and explorable space available, even more players are taking the plunge to see what the title has to offer.

With Microsoft’s avid push toward crossplay functionality and cooperative experiences in most of its first-party titles in recent years, it is no surprise that players are asking what pieces of this come with Grounded. If you’re planning on tackling the dangerous world of the backyard and you want to bring friends along for the ride, here’s everything you need to know about the co-op play that Grounded supports.

Does Grounded have co-op?

Players can team up with up to three friends at any given time, taking up the mantle of the game’s four shrunken teenage characters in a Grounded play session. Your team of four can play on either standard or shared worlds, with the latter allowing for the world to be accessed at any time, even without the original host present. Standard worlds, which require their creator’s presence in-game to be accessible by the other players, can also be transformed into a shared world with an easy switch. With the shared worlds functioning through the cloud, all progress made by other players will automatically save as well.

Does Grounded have crossplay?

As with many other Xbox titles, Grounded fully supports crossplay between Xbox and PC, including the Microsoft Store and Steam. Grounded uses Microsoft accounts for this feature, meaning players buying Grounded through Steam will be prompted to make an account or log in to one when booting it up, as with other games like Sea of Thieves or Halo Infinite. Adding each other as friends through the Xbox app will make joining the worlds of hosts on both console and PC a simple enough endeavor.

Does Grounded have split screen?

Unfortunately, Grounded does not support a split screen feature despite its vast array of other co-op features. Xbox and PC players hoping to team up will only be able to do so through online play, just like many other recent game releases, as couch co-op becomes a less commonplace inclusion in modern titles.

Grounded is available now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10/11, and Steam. It is also available through the Xbox Game Pass subscription service, offering an avenue for players who want to try the game out for free before making any major spending decisions.

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