Meet Metizport, the new Swedish team taking names in CS2

NiKo and huNter- are not the only family competitors.

Prior to the event, Metizport was largely unrecognized. However, they’ve now emerged as the team to keep an eye on in CS2. Interestingly, this squad was a formidable dark horse at the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown; their surprising victories over renowned competitors have given them an edge. They stunned the Falcons, charged by Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyljev, and followed that success with a commanding 2-0 against Monte.

The youthful team has garnered attention, possibly heralding a resurgence of Swedish talent. But who exactly makes up Metizport, this emerging team that’s stirring up the high-stakes world of CS2?

The backstory of each Metizport CS2 player

Adam “adamb” Ångström and Tim “susp” Ångström

The first two players of Metizport, adamb and susp, are identical twins with notable experience in competitive Counter-Strike. Metizport becomes their second platform to showcase their collective skills, following a brief two-month period with Lemondogs.

Identical looks, hairstyle, and weaponry preferences (Image via Metizport)

The twins have had notable performances at the Spring Showdown, with adamb boasting an impressive 1.40 HLTV rating and susp securing key entry kills on the T side. Much like in G2 Esports, the synergy between family members is evident in the Metizport lineup.

Jack “Jackinho” Ström Mattsson

The experienced 25-year-old sniper, Jackinho, has had numerous appearances in the Swedish circuit. His major stint was with Fnatic in 2021, where he had commendable performances at cs_summit 7 and other regional tournaments. After moving around several teams over the years, his unvarying 1.63 rating against Falcons on Overpass suggests that he might finally have found a stable team.

Erik “ztr” Gustafsson

Contrary to most in-game leaders, ztr holds a respectable 1.27 KD ratio. He showcases his strengths in shutting down site takes, as seen in Metizport’s matchup against Falcons on Vertigo. In the same map but against Monte, he topped the score with 23 kills.

Interestingly, ztr was hit with a VAC ban in 2015, which he and several analysts dispute. While the ban remains active, the revamped 2021 RMR eligibility rules allow him to compete. Twitch chat users have shown sympathy for his predicament.

Linus “nilo” Bergman

Last but not least, the star player of the team, nilo. Despite the casters struggling to pronounce his name, his strong performance in this tournament guarantees that fans will remember it. The former Young Ninjas player has achieved a 53.8% headshot rate and a 1.31 KD ratio at the Spring Showdown. Standing out as a CT powerhouse, nilo consistently chooses his M4A1-S over AKs, even as the team’s top player. His aggressive play style is backed by the team, even leading to the positioning of multiple riflers behind him. Out of all players on Metizport, nilo seems to be on the fast track to becoming a true CS2 legend.

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