Master these 3 essential Kagura combos in Mobile Legends

Unleash the beasts hiding in her umbrella.

It’s vital to grasp Kagura’s combos to fully utilize this mage hero’s capabilities in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

By casting Seimei Umbrella Open, she can unlock the secondary versions of Rasho Umbrella Flee and Yin Yang Overturn. This enables an array of skill combinations suitable for varying game situations.

This guide from ONE Esports will equip you with three Kagura combos to perfect, providing you with the upper hand in winning matches.

Guidelines for executing the top Kagura combos in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Maximum Damage: Skill 1 + Ultimate (2nd form) + Skill 1 + Skill 2 (2nd form) + Ultimate (1st form) + Skill 2 (1st form)

Mastering this combo should be your top goal as a Kagura player.

This strategy is particularly effective against heroes with limited mobility skills. Still, it can also work on enemies with dash abilities, especially those who have utilized their mobility offensive.

Start by striking your opponent with Seimei Umbrella Open, followed by Yin Yang Overturn (2nd form), and reuse your first skill.

Activate Rasho Umbrella Flee (2nd form) to close in against your target and initiate Yin Yang Gathering. Finish your enemy with Yin Yang Overturn (1st form), and then make your retreat using Rasho Umbrella Flee (1st form).

Please remember to wait until Seimei Umbrella Open reaches your target before setting off Yin Yang Overturn. Also, hold off using Rasho Umbrella Flee for approach until after the ultimate has been pulled.

If your opponent still has mobility, aim your second Seimei Umbrella Open chord to their expected escape path. Plus, if you have stacked up offensive items, you can simplify the combo by skipping the second Seimei Umbrella Open to release an instant damage burst and stun your opponent.

If Flameshot or Execute is your battle spell, use either to eliminate your enemy if they survive the combo.

Counter-Attack: Skill 2 (1st form) + Skill 1 + Ultimate (2nd form) + Skill 1 + Skill 2 (2nd form) + Ultimate (1st form)

The initial form of Rasho Umbrella Flee can remove debuffs, making this combo practical against aggressive adversaries targeting fragile heroes.

To execute it, wait until the opponent makes a move and uses their control ability. Then, create a distance between them using Rasho Umbrella Flee (1st form) and strike them with Seimei Umbrella Open.

Next, cast Yin Yang Overturn (2nd form), resetting the cooldown of Seimei Umbrella Open. You can use it again to inflict damage and slow down your enemy. Once your opponent is pulled back, close the space between them with Rasho Umbrella Flee (2nd form), and deal the final blow with Yin Yang Overturn (1st form).

You may use the Flicker if you need to retreat.

Pursuit: Skill 1 + Ultimate (without umbrella) + Recover umbrella + Skill 1 + Skill 2 (without umbrella) + Ultimate (with umbrella) + Skill 2 (with umbrella)

If an opponent with less than half health is retreating, use this combo to take them down.

Begin by casting Seimei Umbrella Open behind you. As you advance towards your target, launch Yin Yang Overturn (2nd form).

Note that the umbrella will return to you if you’re too far. Also, use Flicker to quickly retrieve the umbrella and reduce the distance to your opponent.

When you reclaim the umbrella, strike the enemy with Seimei Umbrella Open. Make sure the pulling effect of Yin Yang Overturn (2nd form) engages as the umbrella hits your target.

Next, utilize Rasho Umbrella Flee (2nd form) to close in on your enemy. Unleash Yin Yang Overturn (1st form) for the killing blow. Since this combination requires more precise timing, practice is advised before trying during matches.

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