US integrator deploys Sony cameras in esports demo room

CCS Presentation Systems is capitalizing on the booming growth markets in Esports, to which it is heavily committing its efforts. This veteran system integrator based in Mesa, Arizona, with more than three decades of experience, is developing an Esports demo room at its new U.S. headquarters. It’s equipped with all the cutting-edge technology necessary for contemporary gaming production, an exemplar being Sony’s point of view POV and pan-tilt-zoom PTZ cameras.

CCS is championing the Esports Center covering 75 square meters, highlighting company’s extensive resources ahead of a large-scale gaming tournament it plans to host in the fall of 2024. At the heart of this endeavor are two newly procured Sony cameras, the SRG-XP1 compact 4K 60P IP POV remote camera, and the SRG-X120 4K 30P PTZ network camera. These cameras are crucial to CCS’s strategy to promote Esports as a recognized platform for live events.

Abe Assad IV, the Esports Lead at CCS, originally used Esports Twitch stream to relay ongoing matches and commentators exclusively. Today, the company aims at adding Experiences by periodically focusing cameras on players and fans. In doing so, Sonny’s cameras introduce a fresh, dynamic atmosphere to gaming productions by offering multiple perspectives with superior image quality.

Having adopted the technological advances of CCS, esports has experienced a fast-paced growth in recent years, with some of the market and revenue forecasts entering the billion-dollar arc. The accelerated growth was further boosted during the Covid-induced sports lockdown, a period during which traditional live events were suspended. Now enjoying larger audiences and lucrative sponsorships, esports producers are adapting to the heightened expectations of spectators and advertisers. CCS has chosen Sony cameras with an aim of providing reliable, unique, and unconventional content. The chosen cameras are equipped with H.264 streaming capability.

The team at CCS witnessed enhanced entertainment experience for remote watchers post the cameras’ installation, confirming the increased visibility of CCS throughout the esports universe.

Seating for twelve spectators is provided at the Esports Center, and all matches are live-streamed on the CCS Twitch channel. Sony’s PTZ camera is installed above the seating area for spectators, and the POV camera captures “down the line” shots of two lanes of computer stations. Both models are engaged for live streaming on Twitch to show a panoramic view of the room and a comprehensive view of all players at their respective stations.

The SRG-XP1 is utilized as a stationary camera by CCS, capturing a wide view of the entire room, demonstrating the camera’s field of view capabilities.

Assad explains that the camera is positioned only a few feet from the front row of players, still it is able to capture each player with a naturally framed image. Even players located around 30 feet from the camera are in the camera’s view. The camera also catches audience members in the background and hence provides a complete shot of the space while alternating the PTZ camera’s focus.

The remotely controlled SRG-X120 PTZ is relocated between close and zoom shots throughout the room, so as to include the commentators during the shooting.

Assad elaborates on the camera’s superior quality, stating that regardless of the considerable distance from the commentator’s station and low light levels in the space, zoomed-in shots deliver the same quality as wider shots.

The newly set-up national headquarters and Esports Center are among the company’s most notable projects for several aspects, not necessarily because CCS is both integrator and the client. The establishment of CCS demanded more than two years of location scouting to meet their ambitious vision and strict criteria. The project was initiated with a clear priority of customer experience, modern technology, and vast variety. The entire infrastructure accommodates a variety of spaces: a state-of-the-art Customer Experience Center on the first floor, conference and training rooms, huddle spaces, numerous Unified Communications rooms, and notably the Esports Center.

Cameras were required by CCS to generate and transmit images from the Esports venue to areas such as the in-house café and lounge, keeping players and fans connected even if they are not present at the gaming venue.

“These shots felt natural without any color adjustments or detailed color matching,” noted Assad. “The cameras accurately reproduce what we see with our eyes, even in this challenging space.”

In his opinion, despite the new Center being a dream for gamers and fans, it presents a considerable challenge for capturing content.

Assad noted that “It’s a low-lit place with bright colored lights randomly distributed, with complete disregard for the cameras’ sensitivity. Yet, the Sony cameras reproduce details, shadows, and colors as if they were under ideal studio lighting conditions.”

While CCS has already gained numerous benefits from the new cameras, they believe that they are yet to tap into their entire potential fruitfully. Currently, the cameras’ 4K capability remains underutilized due to the compression of the video into a window and subsequent broadcast on Twitch. But, Assad believes that as their internet streaming bandwidth expands, they may be able to make full use of the 4K feature.

Assad added “Our interest lies in anything that enhances the appeal of our stream. We are enthusiastic about viewers being able to get a view of the whole room and the players during matches, which adds to the game thrill. And, needless to say, the possible exposure to prospective clients is a big bonus for us.”

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