Mandatory Bat Monaco Esports – Split 1 Des Challengers France 2024

The Challengers France Split 1 regular season is nearing the end. Tonight, Mandatory played its final game against Monaco Esports. The game weighed significantly towards their chances of making it to the playoffs. Despite going up against a team headed for relegation, and therefore playing without any inhibitions, HyP, Goaster, AKUMAAAAA, SoOn, TheBigFiz, and Cyv0ph encountered a few challenges during the game. Yet, the hammer-team managed to triumph with a score of two to one. We’ve successfully moved on to the playoffs!

Scores of the Game

Mandatory 2 – 1 Monaco Esports

Map 1 – Lotus (Pick MDR)
MDR 13 – 9 MNC

Map 2 – Bind (Pick MNC)
MDR 9 – 13 MNC

Map 3 – Split
MDR 13 – 6 MNC



Monaco Esports


Summary of the Match: Mandatory vs Monaco Esports (Split 1 – VCL France 2024)

Map 1 – Lotus – Mandatory Takes Defence!

Headed toward relegation, Monaco Esports went fully aggressive into this match with nothing to lose, a fact that was evident during the first half on Lotus. They gained an edge due to the commendable performance of VuexLex playing as Jett. In the final round, HyP minimised the damage with a CDF in an exciting clash! At halftime, Monaco was leading by only two points.

In the attacking phase, Monaco Esports projected different gameplay. Despite managing some scores, their coordination in holding the post-plant was lacking. However, there was commendable quality and methodology in our retakes. Mandatory marked a consecutive victory largely because AKUMAAAAA and Goaster managed to constantly hit the bull’s eye! It was only in the 20th end that Monaco could notch up another point. A fantastic finale from TheBigFiz in the next round almost ended the match but failed to make the cut. TheNightChe made two significant kills, leading to another round. Eventually, SoOn concluded this stage with a triple shot from the Classic. Mandatory now led 1-0!

Map 2 – Bind – Monaco Esports Stays Strong

The game proceeded to Bind, a map that neither team had played during the Split which meant anything could happen! Initially, the 4K by Goaster to Outlaw, followed by HyP’s clutch, took us to the lead. However, it was short-lived because Monaco Esports came back with more coordinated attacks than in the previous map, causing a tie at halftime. In defence, our opponents’ tactics paid off making it difficult for us to score. Apyr and his team stood their ground and employed their patience to finally win the second map. Currently, the scores were tied!

Map 3 – Split – Mandatory Asserts Its Superiority

We ended the evening with Split. Despite starting strong, Mandatory got levelled. Nevertheless, HyP and his fellows managed to win the defence and were leading by two points at the changeover.

The second half was completely different. Mandatory overpowered Monaco Esports to clinch a victory. AKUMAAAAA was rather efficient with their character Omen, making a spectacular 4K in the 19th round. To everyone’s delight, AKUMAAAAA even dared to slash an opponent mid-official match!

At last, Mandatory has made it to the playoffs!

Match Replay Video

Coming soon…

The playoffs will commence on March 30th, right after the conclusion of the Madrid Masters. Broadcast of Mandatory’s matches will be available on the ZeratoR channel.

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