Leach aims to add salt to McGrail’s wound on April 27

Looking at it from a pessimistic perspective, the super-bantamweight fight between Peter McGrail and Marc Leach, announced on April 4, may seem unnecessary for both fighters.

However, considering how quickly Leach accepted this last-minute opportunity on April 27, it is evident that he, desperate for a win, sees it differently. Similarly, McGrail, originally preparing to face Ja’Rico O’Quinn, the only opponent to defeat him as a pro, views this fight against Leach, a former British champion, as a positive step in his progress and an ideal replacement.

Leach, with a record of 18-3-1 (4), shared, “I found out about it last week. I was supposed to fight on May 11 on a Steve Wood show, but then this fight came up. I shifted my focus to this opportunity.

“I’ve been training for a fight on May 11, so this one is just two weeks earlier. I’ll increase my training a bit sooner than usual, and I’ll be ready for it.”

Realizing the importance of getting back on track, Leach understands the need to seize opportunities like this, despite being the underdog in this bout. He is determined to not only secure a win but also reclaim his former position in the division.

“It’s a significant opportunity to get back in contention,” Leach explained. “My last performances were below par, and I have my reasons for that. On April 27, I’ll show my true capabilities and return to my best form.

“Even though it’s a weight class higher than usual, it’s where I won the British title, and I feel comfortable. There will be no excuses on April 27.”

Peter McGrail (Dave Thompson/Matchroom Boxing)

Regarding McGrail, Leach views him as just another opponent. He hasn’t paid much attention to the former amateur star and remains focused on the task at hand.

“I typically focus on my own preparation, and my trainers handle the rest. I haven’t seen much of him, to be honest. But I did watch his last fight…”

It was in McGrail’s previous fight where he suffered his first pro defeat, getting knocked out in round five. Leach acknowledged McGrail’s dominance in the fight before the sudden turn of events.

“He was winning comfortably but got caught when he let his guard down. It was a game-changing moment. One punch can alter the entire fight,” Leach commented.

While Leach would like to replicate that outcome on April 27, he recognizes each fight is unique and anticipates McGrail’s increased focus. Instead, Leach plans to leverage his experience and work rate to secure a victory.

“I’ll keep him guessing with a variety of shots and angles,” said the 30-year-old boxer. “In his last fight, he lost focus for a split second, which cost him. Experience will play a role, but I’m prepared for a tough battle.

“I aspire to be the best in the sport, and defeating Peter McGrail will be a significant step towards achieving that goal. Winning this fight will put me back in contention for championship belts.”

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