Laika says great teamwork and synergy are reasons why Gen.G are the best VALORANT team in VCT Pacific right now

Lakia aspires to showcase his skills in VCT Stage 1. (Photo: Riot Games)

Gen.G Esports, the South Korean titans, have a brand new, unbeatable lineup for the 2024 VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT).

Earlier during this year, they triumphed in the VCT Pacific Kickoff and secured second place at last month’s VCT Masters Madrid, proving their formidable strength.

After defeating Talon Esports in the VCT Pacific Stage 1 on Tuesday (9 April), Yahoo Southeast Asia secured an exclusive interview with the renowned Valorant pro and former Counter-Strike player, Kim “Lakia” Jong-min.

Gen.G’s ascension rests on experience and synergy.

Lakia credits Gen.G’s ascent to the top of the Valorant pro scene to their shared experiences and team cohesion.

“The seasoned members of this squad have abundant team play experience,” explained Lakia.

Lakia added, “We are accustomed to a team climate, and though one player lacks that experience, he more than compensates with impressive aim. Overall, we exhibit incredible synergy, nurtured by strong interpersonal relationships outside of gaming, which tremendously aids our performance.”

Furthermore, Gen.G’s coaching staff plays a crucial role in maintaining the player’s concentration on gameplay, he noted.

“Lastly, our coaching staff ensures we have everything we need to stay focused on the game, consolidating everything else,” said Lakia.

Reflecting on his VCT Pacific League debut, Lakia revealed his ambitions for the upcoming season.

“My experience from the Kick Off and Madrid games has been incredibly beneficial,” he shared.

“With that experience behind me, I aspire to demonstrate my prowess as a seasoned player in the upcoming season.”

Lakia believes teamwork is Gen.G’s strong point. (Photo: Riot Games)

Health matters in esports

Nonetheless, Gen.G has had its share of challenges recently. Two members of the team came down with a cold before their match against Talon Esports, which eventually spread among the rest of the team.

“Fortunately, we all performed our duties,” commented Lakia. “Though we weren’t feeling our best… Everybody did what they had to do, securing us the victory.”

Lakia also remarked that despite playing lightly and “happy gaming” in their second game against Talon, they still managed a sweeping 2-0 victory over their adversaries.

To prevent such occurrences, Lakia stressed the importance of a healthy lifestyle outside gaming. After all, gamers also need excellent physical health to perform well.

“One of my main objectives outside gaming is regular exercise. Lately, I’ve started working out and try to start my day earlier – around 11:00 – to hit the gym before our daily practice,” said Lakia.

“Regular gym visits…that’s the hard part.”

However, being the best motivates him to remain fit and maintain his daily exercise regimen,

“Being at the top gives me the confidence to pursue both gaming and non-gaming aspects.”

Lakia added emphatically, “The status imbues me with confidence. However, staying on top requires persistent, dedicated effort.”

He believes that remaining disciplined in other areas, like physical fitness, is closely tied with his gaming goals.

A honeymoon phase?

As they gear up for their match against their formidable adversary Paper Rex, Gen.G stays focused.

Khalish “d4v41” Rusyaidee of Paper Rex, in his recent interview with Sportskeeda, mentioned that Gen.G is currently in their “honeymoon phase” and the “the strongest team in the Pacific right now.”

Lakia acknowledged this, remarking “They are not incorrect. We feel some of that too.” However, he immediately highlighted the importance of staying focused throughout the season despite their early victories.

“A few early season victories doesn’t imply we’ve lost focus. Each one of us considers it a fresh start and we remain focused for the rest of the season,” added Lakia.

Gen.G is not daunted by the escalating competition in VCT Pacific Stage 1. They are determined to tackle challenges head-on, with a clear goal of emerging triumphant. They are cautious not to underestimate any opponent, including Paper Rex, who are regaining their form with the return of Jinggg.

Lakia revealed, “Certainly, PRX has the potential to hinder our Stage 1 victory. However, our ultimate goal is to win the entire event, not just against PRX.”

“Multiple teams have the potential to best us,” he acknowledged. “We aim to focus on our strategies and ensure top-notch game performance.”

Ending the interview, Lakia expressed his thanks to all of Gen.G’s supporters and made a promise to potential supporters.

“Supporting us holds no downside. We pledge to continue our relentless pursuit of excellence and deliver stellar performances,” he assured.

Gen.G’s next match against PRX is scheduled for Saturday (13 April) in the VCT Pacific Stage 1.

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