Pokémon Go players are already making their Master Ball plans

It’s official. The best ball in the game—the Master Ball—is finally coming to Pokémon Go. Unlike any other ball, the Master Ball is guaranteed to catch any Pokémon without fail. This is perfect for rare or hard-to-catch Pokémon, but players have already pointed out a few things to consider before chucking that Master Ball.

While it might be tempting to use your Master Ball on a rare Shiny Legendary, one Reddit user reminded players in a Reddit thread on May 16 that Shiny Legendaries from raids will be caught in the first ball that hits them no matter what. This means there’s no need to waste your Master Ball here for a guaranteed catch.

Another user added you definitely shouldn’t use the Master Ball while moving too fast. Because the game is intended to be played on foot, it makes it so you shouldn’t be able to catch Pokémon while in a moving car.

Despite its guaranteed catch rate, a Master Ball is likely to fail here too.

In addition to when you shouldn’t waste the Master Ball, players discussed which Pokémon they plan to use it on. The Galarian birds like Articuno, for example, have very low catch rates and are quick to flee, making them perfect candidates for the Master Ball. Other players joked about using it on a 10 CP Pidgey or an XXL Magikarp.

At the end of the day, you can use your Master Ball on whatever Pokémon you want. Keep in mind, though, we still don’t know how rare Master Balls will be in the future. This first Master Ball can be obtained through Special Research, but it’s unclear when we’ll be getting another one or if it’ll be free again. The official Pokémon Go site even states, “Receiving a rare and powerful Master Ball is a special occasion—think wisely about how you’ll use it, and keep a lookout for future opportunities in Pokémon GO to acquire more!”

Take the advice and think wisely before using your Master Ball. It may be your last.

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