Karmine Corp announce “Arena of the Agora” as esports venue

The French esports organization, Karmine Corp, following their impressive KCX3 show, announced their location for esports competitions named “Arènes de l’Agora” based in Evry.

karmine corp esports arena

Image credits: @KarmineCorp

Karmine Corp holds the distinction of being the first European team with their personal arena

The plan of Karmine Corp is to host around 25 events every year in their arena. The “Arènes de l’Agora” located in Évry (Essonne) can hold 3,000 people. The team’s large following and interest in them suggest that having their own arena by summer 2024 will be highly beneficial for them, as they will be able to host their matches and even use it for different special events.

As explained by general manager Arthur Perticoz, they aim to elevate their game to traditional sports level by having a dedicated stadium to regularly host events, shifting the business model towards selling tickets like conventional sports clubs.

KCorp has inked a multi-year agreement with the Grand Paris Sud metropolitan area, the owner of the “Arènes de l’Agora”. Michel Bisson, the president, mentions their desire to “align with our society, align with our youth,” highlighting the role of esports in reaching the youth. This partnership has been widely appreciated by the community.

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The financial gains of owning an Arena

Amid the struggle of esports to generate revenues in recent years and dwindling efficacy of sponsorships and partnerships, it became critical for organizations to explore new income sources.

Having their own venue is a great way to increase revenue for KCorp through ticket sales, bringing it closer to the conventional sports model.

Current advantage of KCorp lies in their strong fanbase and following. Despite being only three years old, they have managed to attract thousands of fans nationwide.

Image Credits | KarmineCorp

The KCX3 held in Paris at the La Défense Arena was a testament to their fandom, attracting over 28,000 attendees, breaking attendance records. In contrast, the LEC Season Finals managed to gather only about 14,000 people at the Sud de France Arena in Montpellier.

Arthur Perticoz further adds that, “we estimate that we could be the only team or one among the very few existing teams who could pull this off. This is a ground-breaking moment in the industry, showing that an esports team can host as many events as traditional sports teams.”

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