Indian esports team schedule at Asian Games 2022: All dates, participants, events and more

Indian esports athletes will partake in the upcoming 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou, China. Amongst the seven events held under esports, India will only be participating in four of them. The rest were either not released or banned in India.

This is a seminal event for the Indian team at the 2022 Asian Games. With esports continuing its upward trajectory in India, any medals from this event could have a considerable impact on its growth.

Below is a brief overview of the participants and the games they’ve opted for.

Schedule and other specifics of the 2022 Asian Games Indian esports team

The Indian esports team at the 2022 Asian Games will be competing in:

  • Street Fighter 5
  • FIFA Online 4
  • League of Legends
  • Dota 2

Apart from the above, there will be additional tournaments in the games – Arena of Valor, Peace Elite, and Dream Three Kingdoms 2 at the 2022 Asian Games esports event. These games were either banned in India or they aren’t available.

Find the schedules and rosters below.

FIFA Online 4

Participants: Charanjot Singh, Karman Singh Tikka

Schedule: Group stage to start on September 24. Post that are the playoffs, with Grand Finals wrapping up on September 27.

Match Schedule: Yet to be announced.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition

Participants: Mayank Prajapati, Ayan Biswas

Schedule: Should there be more than 32 participants, prelims will start on September 26, followed by playoffs. The Grand Finals will end on September 28.

Match Schedule: Yet to be announced.


Participants: Darshan Bata (captain), Krish Gupta, Abhishek Yadav, Ketan Goyal, Shubham Goli

Schedule: Group stage kicks off on September 29. It will be succeeded by playoffs, and wrapping up with Grand Finals on October 2.

Match Schedule: Yet to be announced.

League of Legends

Participants: Akshaj Shenoy (captain), Samarth Arvind Trivedi, Mihir Ranjan, Aditya Selvaraj, Aakash Shandilya, Sanindhya Malik

Schedule: Group stages start from September 29, playoffs next, and wrapping up with Grand Finals on October 2.

Match Schedule: Yet to be announced.

The aforementioned participants will represent India in the esports events at the 2022 Asian Games. No matches have started yet.

Updates will be added to this article once more information about the tournament comes in.

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