Editor’s Letter: Greatness beckons for Devin Haney and his many rivals

By Matt Christie

Boxing has long been known as the sweet science, but true sweet scientists are rare. The path to success in boxing is unpredictable and can be a combination of various factors. Each fighter has their own strengths and weaknesses, and there is no definitive formula for becoming a champion.

However, there are boxers who seem to embody the sweet science. Devin Haney is one such fighter, making the sport look effortless and natural. Although only 25 years old, he has built a strong foundation and continues to climb the ladder towards greatness.

Despite Haney’s impressive performances, some critics argue that his biggest victories have been against fighters on the decline. However, these victories are stepping stones towards greatness, and Haney has the potential to face other top fighters in the future.

There are several potential rivals for Haney, such as Shakur Stevenson, Gervonta Davis, Teofimo Lopez, and Ryan Garcia. The key to their success lies in their activity and facing strong opponents, of which there are many to choose from in the boxing world.

As history has shown, there is room for multiple legends in every era. Haney and his peers have the opportunity to aim high and reach for greatness, much like other boxing legends before them.

Congratulations to the new inductees into the International Boxing Hall of Fame Class of 2024. Ricky Hatton, Jane Couch, Michael Moorer, Ivan Calderon, and Ana Maria Torres have received this prestigious honor. Other new inductees include Diego Corrales (posthumously), trainer Kenny Adams, manager Jackie Kallen, publicist Fred Sternburg, journalist Wallace Matthews, and broadcaster Nick Charles.

Hatton, a beloved figure in British boxing, achieved great victories and created unforgettable moments in the ring. Couch also made a significant impact, fighting for the rights of women in boxing and inspiring female fighters around the world.

Congratulations to all the new inductees on their well-deserved honors.

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