How does Momento Mori work in Dead by Daylight?

Murder is not an easy job, and being a killer in Dead by Daylight proves that.

If being a killer in the game wasn’t tough enough in the first place, Dead by Daylight recently received an update that changes the way killers perform Memento Mori on survivors, where killers will no longer need to down a survivor onto the ground and put them on hooks to be sacrificed.

Below, we’ve explained how you need to go about performing the reworked Memento Mori.

How does Memento Mori work in Dead by Daylight?

After the rework in Dead by Daylight, performing a Memento Mori on a survivor is drastically different. Earlier, you would need to bring an offering into the game or use certain killer perks that give you the ability to perform a Memento Mori on a survivor after the conditions were met.

Other than the addition of the last stand for survivors, killers are now only allowed to Mori the last survivor in the game, with the process being automatic.

Once the last remaining survivor is downed, you and the survivor will both be moved to a portion of the map that acts as a stage. The killer’s Memento Mori animation will begin to play with the final survivor being the victim. Downing the final survivor will cause the game to end, meaning that killers can no longer carry the final survivor to the hatch after downing them.

This was quite the drastic change made to the core gameplay of Dead by Daylight, and since you now can’t perform Memento Mori on any other survivors in a trial other than the final one, a lot of items and perks have received overhauls. Hex; Devour Hope and Ranco, for instance, have both lost the Mori ability that they possessed earlier.

Hex: Devour Hope will now instantly sacrifice any survivor that is placed on the hook when you have five tokens in your possession, while Rancor now provides the ‘exposed’ status effect to the obsession for the rest of the trial. 

Since Memento Mori is being automated, Memento Mori Offerings have received updates as well. The Offerings now award the killer with a bounty of Bloodpoints based on the number of Survivors killed if the killer earns a Finishing Mori.

  • Cypress Memento Mori: Killer receives 8,000 Bloodpoints if at least two survivors are killed, along with the match ending in a Finishing Mori.
  • Ivory Memento Mori: Killer receives 12,000 Bloodpoints if at least three survivors are killed, along with the match ending in a Finishing Mori. 
  • Ebony Memento Mori: Killer receives 20,000 Bloodpoints if at least four survivors are killed, along with the match ending in a Finishing Mori.

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