HK gains far more than a medal for esports

The Hong Kong squad participates in the grand finale of the Dream Three Kingdoms 2 esports event. Photo by ANDY CHONG/CHINA DAILY

Asian Games silver medal industrial growth and improves public perception

Since the age of 5, Jazkit Chan Cheuk-kit found a passion for gaming machines in a stationery store close to his Hong Kong residence.

Fast forward thirty years, this very gaming passion led him to the podium, representing Hong Kong at the 19th Asian Games held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. He reveled in the applause of numerous spectators, wearing a silver medal with pride.

Chan, along with his four fellow teammates, clinched the medal on 30th September in the Dream Three Kingdoms 2 esports event finale.

In 2018, esports debuted at the Asian Games in Jakarta, Indonesia. This year, it was deemed an official competition, boasting seven events including Dream Three Kingdoms 2. The Hong Kong team made history by winning the city’s first official esports medal at the Games.

The team stated that the medal signifies their continuous gaming passion and rigorous six-month training.

The key to victory in esports, as per the team, lies in commitment, resilience, and endeavouring effort. Their win signifies more than just a medal – it helps rectify misunderstandings about esports and helps stimulate the growth of Hong Kong’s entire esports industry.

Chan, turning 34 soon, commenced his journey with arcade games, gradually shifting to single-play computer games and online multiplayer games. League of Legends (LoL), an admired multiplayer online battle arena game, is his top pick.

As his gaming love intensified, Chan explored the esports field, transitioning from a professional player to a club’s coach and manager.

With the inclusion of esports as an official competition at the Asian Games, Chan decided to participate.

“It was a one-off opportunity I couldn’t pass up,” he quoted.

Despite LoL being an event at the Games, it was already saturated with professional full-time players. Hence, Chan shifted focus to Dream Three Kingdoms 2.

Dream Three Kingdoms 2 is an online battle game, devised by a Hangzhou-based Chinese firm, featuring themes from ancient China’s Three Kingdoms era. This game shares commonalities with LoL, revolving around a five-person team aiming to dismantle their opponents’ stronghold to claim victory.

Despite not having played this particular game prior, Chan was resolute in participating, motivated by his youthful aspiration of competing in major sports tournaments.

Chan reached out to high-performing players from prior Hong Kong esports competitions and former teammates, to form a committed and dedicated team.

In May, Chan created his team, composed of Martin Yau Man-tin, Roy Yip Ho-lam, Tinky Yuen Pak-lam, Law Hing-lung and himself.

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