Apex Legends fan lays out creative way to buff Replicators

An Apex Legends fan has proposed sweeping changes to the game’s Replicators to encourage more players to craft.

A player who designed the changes shared a graphic with all of their proposed adjustments to the Apex subreddit. Among the biggest changes would be the ability to upgrade backpacks and helmets at Replicators, similar to the way players can currently upgrade to their EVO shields. Replicator 2.0, as the player is calling the changes, would also include a daily rotation of craftable fully-kitted weapons and a larger selection of daily craft-only weapons.

Alongside these major changes are small adjustments that players have been asking for, including craftable shield cells and syringes as well as the ability to craft ammo separately rather than crafting a combined bundle. The creator also included craftable Phoenix Kits and retained the weekly crafting rotation, though the latter’s selection appears to include hop-ups as another potential weekly item.

Fan response was generally positive, with many players agreeing with the proposed changes. One comment suggested that these changes should only apply to Replicators that are added midway through matches rather than those that spawn on the map when it’s first generated. The creator said they believe Replicator 2.0’s features would help “refine the current loot pool.”

Not everyone was on board with the changes, though. Several players expressed concern at how much RNG would be taken out of Apex if these changes were to actually be integrated into the game. Others believe that Replicators are already very powerful and don’t need an extra buff.

Apex developer Respawn Entertainment has said that many of its design decisions are based around decluttering the floor loot pool, so these changes might be on to something. It remains to be seen how Respawn will change the game’s Replicators and its crafting system in the future.

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