G2 Esports announce roster for League of Legends LEC 2023 Winter Split, Hans Sama and Mikyx become new bot lane for the team

G2 Esports officially announced their roster for the League of Legends LEC 2023 Winter Split on December 22, 2022. Steven “Hans Sama” Liv and Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle have been confirmed as the new bot lane for the team as they replace Victor “Flakked” Lirola and Raphaël “Targamas” Crabbé from the previous season.

G2 Esports released a special Godfather-themed video on social media to announce the news. They named it Topfather 2.0.

G2 Esports retain League of Legends players Caps and BrokenBlade for LEC 2023 Winter Split

G2 Esports’ new roster for the 2023 season of LEC comprises the following players:

  • Sergen “BrokenBlade” Çelik
  • Martin “Yike” Sundelin
  • Rasmus “Caps” Winther
  • Steven “Hans Sama” Liv
  • Mihael ‘Mikyx” Mehle

BrokenBlade and Caps were part of the team the previous year. Yike is a young and promising jungler from the ERL (EMEA Regional Leagues) who will replace Jankos for the upcoming season. As mentioned previously, Hans Sama and Mikyx are brand-new additions to the bot lane.

This team is extremely strong on paper. BrokenBlade and Caps are two of the best players in the world, with the latter often regarded as the greatest midlaner in the West.

Caps holds the same level of respect as the likes of Faker, which says something about his skills. BrokenBlade may not be the best toplaner in the world, but he is definitely one of the strongest that the West has to offer.

Hans Sama might have had a poor season in the League of Legends LCS 2022 season, but that does not mean he is washed. It is important to remember that he absolutely demolished ADCs from DWG KIA and FPX back during Worlds 2021.

Mikyx is a name that needs no introduction, as he is one of the best support players in Europe. He was part of the G2 Esports roster that won MSI 2019. Despite a few rough seasons, he is still an exceptional player.

Mikyx moved to EXCEL for a year during the 2022 season, but G2 Esports have brought him back for yet another stint.

Meanwhile, Yike may not be a household name among League of Legends fans, but he is highly talented as a player. He was the best jungler in the ERLs during the 2022 season and was the primary reason behind the top-tier results of his former team LDLC.

Yike does have big shoes to fill as a replacement for Jankos. However, since G2 Esports believe in him, there is no reason why fans should not.

Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh

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