QSL and Qatar Esports Federation ink co-operation agreement – Doha News

This agreement is targeted towards advancing the esports industry in the Gulf state. 

The Qatar Stars League (QSL) along with the Qatar Esports Federation (QESF) have put their cooperation agreement in ink. This effectively unites their resources and expertise to organize and manage esports tournaments and competitions within the Gulf state. 

The objective of this agreement is to create novel prospects for QSL and expand the base of active participation and practice while nurturing talent in this field, as well as attracting a broad fanbase and supporting both clubs and the QESF team.

Hassan Rabiah Al Kuwari, who is the Executive Director of Sales, Marketing, and Communication at QSL, expressed his satisfaction with the signing of the agreement with QESF and hailed the federation’s efforts. 

“The signed cooperation agreement functions to leverage expertise and capabilities, foster shared initiatives and objectives, as well as contribute to the sculpting of talent and unveiling fresh players for clubs while backing the Qatar e-football team in formal events and tournaments,” stated Al Kuwari.

“Our aspiration is that this agreement will lead to the accomplishment of intended objectives and the advancement of skill sets of those involved in this sector, moving them towards professionalism. This also bolsters Qatar’s standing as a leading destination for esports in Asia and globally,” he further added.

In the meantime, Faisal Khaled, who acts as the Secretary General of QESF, remarked: “This agreement displays the substantial growth of esports in Qatar and across the globe, serving as a vital part of the ongoing football structure.” 

“We are highly honored to sign this agreement with the QSL, expressing our profound gratitude and appreciation to them for their cooperation and eagerness to support QESF’s vision,” stated Khaled.

“We are eagerly anticipating the fulfillment of the agreement’s objectives and the enhancement of esports development in the State of Qatar,” he further added. 

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