Ex-EG employee claims former CEO did “irreparable damage” to esports industry

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Published: 2023-09-01T05:51:30

  ❘   Updated: 2023-09-01T05:51:44

An ex-Evil Geniuses employee has alleged that the former CEO, Nicole LaPointe Jameson, did “irreparable damage” to the esports industry before her departure. 

On August 31, Evil Geniuses’ CEO, Nicole LaPointe Jameson, stepped down from her position at the NA org. Her time at the top was filled with controversies, from the Danny allegations to their failed 15-man CSGO roster, and a controversial partnership with Chevron. 

In addition, her departure also comes days after EG won Valorant Champions, however, even that victory was fraught with controversy over their merch designs and their players’ trash-talking. 

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Mere hours after stepping down, a former EG employee has now alleged LaPointe left EG after having done “irreparable damage” to the industry after taking “advantage” of young professionals. 

In a tweet reacting to LaPointe’s departure, Retro, a former EG intern, talked about his previous experience with EG and the supposed long work hours he endured with the organization. 

“Just like every other fan, to start I wanted nothing more but for EG/Nicole to succeed and I was willing to do anything in my power to do so, even just being a little intern at the time,” he said. 

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“I wish I was able to help tell the stories of players such as Jojopyun or Danny flourish into the future of the sport as they rightly deserved, help my fellow interns/peers succeed with their undeniable raw talent and passion for the scene. Yet I was let down and lied to just like many other young professionals in this scene and it needs to change.” 

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Evil Geniuses’ CEO stepped down after a year filled with controversy

He went on to criticize LaPointe’s management of EG, claiming “Nicole did irreparable damage to an entire generation of this beautiful sport and I feel like that’s all too common and I want to change that personally.

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“Esports just like many other industries, suffers from various taking advantage of young professionals’ passion and hunger to enter the scene and makes sure they take them for all their worth only to be tossed aside.” 

EG’s management has been a point of criticism for the NA org over the past year, as their massive 15-man CSGO project floundered and split up and their LCS team imploded in the middle of the 2023 season. 

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