Evil Geniuses Parts Ways with ESL, Signals Exit from Esports

In a pivotal move impacting the esports scene, Evil Geniuses has revealed it’s parting ways with ESL. This news has sparked increased conjecture that the organization is on the verge of entirely pulling out of esports. Recent reports about the team selling off their Counter-Strike division, leaving only players autimatic and Walco, are adding fuel to the fire. With the CS2 team’s future competitions shrouded in uncertainty and Cloud9 acquiring the BLAST Partnership slot from the team, the rumor mill is in overdrive.

The collaboration between Evil Geniuses and ESL, termed as the Louvre Agreement, is set for termination on the first day of January 2024. Instead of passing on the partnership to another entity, the slot is being converted into an extra ESL World Ranking position. This move upholds the value of fair play and equality among all competing CS2 teams.

It might be puzzling as to why no other team stepped up to acquire the slot. This could be traced back to Valve’s decision to phase out Partnered Leagues in Counter-Strike from 2025 onwards. This will make tournaments purely merit-based, independent of the organizer.

While the Evil Genius’ slot seems alluring, the organization taking it over would need to fork out a large sum for just one year’s worth of benefits. Cloud9, after taking the BLAST spot, had no intention of procuring another from ESL. Hence, it’s logical for other teams to be reluctant to consider it a financially sound investment for such a short period.

With everything that’s happening, the industry is witnessing an important shift. The end of Evil Geniuses’ association with ESL and forthcoming changes in Counter-Strike leagues herald a new era for esports competitions and opportunities.


1. What led Evil Geniuses to end its partnership with ESL?
The cessation of their partnership with ESL by Evil Geniuses has led to conjecture about their complete exit from esports.

2. What has been happening with Evil Geniuses’ Counter-Strike division?
The division has been gradually sold off by Evil Geniuses, with only two players in the active lineup. Future competitions for the CS2 team are uncertain.

3. What has intensified the speculation about Evil Geniuses leaving the industry?
When Cloud9 bought the BLAST Partnership slot from Evil Geniuses, the rumors about the latter’s departure gained momentum.

4. When is the Evil Geniuses and ESL agreement officially coming to an end?
Known as the Louvre Agreement, the collaboration between the two will officially cease on January 1st, 2024.

5. What happens to the partnership after it terminates?
The partnership will be converted to an additional ESL World Ranking position, in alignment with maintaining fairness and equality among all CS2 competitive teams.

6. Why did no other team buy the partnership slot?
Valve’s plan to stop Partnered Leagues in Counter-Strike from 2025 stopped other teams from buying the slot. From 2025, teams will participate in tournaments purely on the basis of their abilities and achievements, irrespective of the organizer.

7. Why don’t other teams see it as a feasible financial investment?
Any organization eyeing the slot would need to shell out a significant sum for merely a year’s benefits. Considering that Cloud9, after having bought the BLAST slot, did not have plans to buy another from ESL, it’s understandable why other teams didn’t express interest.

8. What does Evil Geniuses’ exit and changes in Counter-Strike leagues mean?
Evil Geniuses’ exit from ESL and the impending modifications in Counter-Strike leagues point to a noteworthy deviation in determining future competitions and opportunities.


1. Esports: It refers to competitive video gaming involving professional players and teams. It often takes place in a competitive multiplayer setting.

2. Counter-Strike (CS2): A famous multiplayer first-person shooter game where teams, labelled as terrorists and counter-terrorists, vie against each other in task-focused formats.

3. BLAST Partnership: A relation between a team and BLAST, an organization responsible for organizing and hosting esports tournaments and leagues.

4. Louvre Agreement: The name given to the partnership arrangement between Evil Geniuses and ESL, a company organizing and producing esports events.

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