Everything about Arc World Tour 2024: Games, events, format

An esteemed game development studio from Japan announces the upcoming global esports league for fighting games.

Arc System Works, renowned for its proficiency in the fighting game genre, consistently supports the competitive gaming community surrounding their created titles. The Arc World Tour 2024 was recently announced, making it the most prestigious competitive series for several of their game titles. This article aims to detail all relevant information about the AWT 2024, including its schedule and competitive format.

The Games of AWT 2024

The tour will feature three recently developed and published fighting games by Arc System Works:

Tournament Format of the Arc World Tour 2024

The league comprises a number of official as well as community-held tournaments. Winning official qualifiers (Platinum tier) guarantees a direct invitation to the AWT 2024 Finals. Competitors who finish in the top 8 at smaller events (Gold and Silver tiers) earn league points — the highest-ranking players in these standings also progress to the Finals.

However, for the game Uni2, there will be no points standing, only direct invitations for winners of the Platinum tier qualifiers.

Distribution of points for AWT 2024 (image via arcsystemworks.jp).

The AWT 2024 Finals will be held in the spring of 2025, featuring:

Last Chance Qualifiers will be conducted just prior to the main event, offering a final opportunity to competitors to secure an invitation to the finals.

Schedule for AWT 2024

These are the top-tier events within the Arc World Tour 2024, classified as Platinum and Gold:

EVO Japan 2024

Japan / Tokyo

April 27-29


Brussels Challenge Major Edition

Belgium / Brussels

May 10-12


Combo Breaker

USA / Chicago

May 24-26


Battle Arena Melbourne

Australia / Melbourne

May 31 – June 2


Super Tournament

Korea / Seoul

June 8-9


Only The Best

Italy / Napoli

June 21-23



USA / Orland

June 28-30



France / Lyon




USA / Las Vegas

July 19-21



Malaysia / Kuala Lumpur

July 27-28



UK / Birmingham

August 16-18



Japan / Yokohama

August 31 – September 1


Ultimate Fighting Arena

France / Aubervilliers

September 13-15



Mexico / Guadalupe

September 14-15


Clash Of The Olympians

Greece / Athens

September 20-22


Thaiger Uppercut

Thailand / Bangkok

October 4-6


East Coast Throwdown

USA / Connecticut

October 11-13


Climax of Night



Platinum, only Uni2


USA / Orlando

 December 6-8, 2025


Frosty Faustings

USA / Chicago



Prize Sums for Arc World Tour 2024

The victors of the GGST and GBVS: Rising Finals will each receive $50,000. The champion of UNi2 will be awarded $20,000.

Prize pool amounts for AWT 2024 (image via arcsystemworks.jp).

Champions of AWT 2023

The previous Arc World Tour in 2023 had the same trio of games; however, only Guilty Gear Strive was structured in a year-long league format. GBVS: Rising and Uni2 were conducted in a more abbreviated format.

The champions of the three final tournaments of AWT 2023 are:

  • Ismaila “Verix” Gueye from Senegal emerged as the AWT 2023 Champion for Guilty Gear Strive
  • From Japan, Junichi “Fukunaga” Kumano won the AWT 2023 Championship for Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising
  • Randy “Knotts” from the USA won the AWT 2023 Championship for UNi2

About Guilty Gear Strive

GGST, an in-house production by Arc System Works, is a popular fighting game with a remarkable anime aesthetic. Its launch in 2021 garnered the attention of both the fighting game community and general gamers. The game boasts beautiful visuals and a striking soundtrack. Recently, a new character, A.B.A, was added to the game.

About Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising

GBVS: Rising, another fighting game by Arc System Works, is based on the popular Japanese social game Granblue Fantasy. It accommodates players new to the fighting game genre with its simplified input mechanics.

GBVS: Rising operates on a free-to-play model featuring a weekly character rotation.

In February 2024, another game from the Granblue universe, an expansive RPG called Granblue Fantasy: Relink, was released for the PS4, PS5, and Windows platforms.

About Uni2

Uni2, from the Under Night In-Birth series, was developed by a different Japanese company named French-Bread, with Arc System Works contributing to its development and publishing. This collaboration mirrors the contributions made by Arc System Works in developing other games such as Dragon Ball FighterZ alongside Bandai Namco.

Uni2 offers players a distinctive storyline. With its wide array of mechanics and character archetypes, every match possesses a unique feel, making it a beloved title amongst anime game enthusiasts.

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