Sara Walsh makes ‘divorce’ joke after husband Matt Buschmann gives away Aaron Judge’s 61st home run ball

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Fans in Toronto missed out on snagging Aaron Judge’s 61st home run ball on Wednesday night, but Blue Jays bullpen coach Matt Buschman managed to pick it up. Much to the chagrin of his wife, Fox NFL reporter Sara Walsh, Buschmann gave the ball to New York Yankees personnel instead of selling it. 

Judge hammered a homer off Blue Jays pitcher Tim Mayza to tie Roger Maris for the American League single-season record. The ball just eluded the grasp of a few fans on the front row and landed in the Jays’ bullpen.

That’s when Buschmann retrieved the valuable piece of memorabilia. When Walsh first found out Buschmann had the ball in his hands, she joked about being able to retire.

“Bad news is I’m down here in Florida battling a hurricane, but the good news is I can announce my retirement….” Walsh tweeted.

Not long after that, Walsh found out that Buschmann had turned the ball over, and she joked about a potential split between the two.

“Oh cool,” Walsh tweeted. “He just handed that back without checking to see if our house is still here? I’d next like to announce our divorce.”

Buschmann missed his chance at making some big money on the sports memorabilia market because that was the final game of the season between the Blue Jays and Yankees.

Judge is now aiming to break Maris’ record with home run No. 62, and he has six games left to do it. Next up is a three-game series with the Baltimore Orioles this weekend.

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