Europe RMR B round 3 matchups set

Round three of the IEM Rio Major Europe Regional Major Ranking (RMR) B event is set following NAVI’s 16-11 win over MOUZ on Mirage today to wrap up round two. NAVI will join Outsider, BIG, and ENCE in the 2-0 pool of Europe RMR B.

Round three will resume on Thursday, Oct. 6, starting with the CS:GO teams in the 1-1 pool that will be playing their final best-of-one series. Even though they’re not qualification or elimination matches, the teams playing have to consider these matches must-wins. Teams that go 1-2 will have to win two straight best-of-threes just to sneak into the Major, but teams that go 2-1 will have two chances to win one best-of-three.

After the final best-of-one action ends, the teams in the 2-0 and 0-2 pools will face off in the first best-of-threes of the Swiss format. These competing teams will be playing for a coveted Legends spot at the Rio Major or just to stay alive. A 3-0 record at the RMR is a guaranteed Legends spot in Rio, but even a top-eight finish at RMR B will ensure a spot at the Rio Major, even if it’s as a Contender.

The final match to conclude the first day of round three is sure to be a banger as regional foes NAVI and Outsiders face off for the first Legends spot out of RMR B. Down in the 1-1 pool, Vitality will look to keep the momentum alive after their breakthrough Pro League Season 16 victory and avoid the risk of missing the Major altogether.

Here is the schedule for the third round of Europe RMR B, beginning tomorrow, Oct. 6:

1-1 pool

  • 5:15am CT: Vitality vs. Monte
  • 5:15am CT: Heroic vs. Sangal
  • 6:30am CT: Falcons vs. OG
  • 6:30am CT: K23 vs. MOUZ

2-0 pool

  • Oct. 6, 11:15am CT: NAVI vs. Outsider
  • Oct. 7, 4am CT: ENCE vs. BIG

0-2 pool

  • Oct. 7, 4am CT: HEET vs. SAW
  • Oct. 7, 4am CT: FANTASY vs. Illuminar

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