EsportsBet partners with Huobi Exchange to provide easy crypto transactions

Written in partnership with EsportsBet.

The esports betting market has continued to grow at a sizable rate, opening room for new features and integrations. Popular betting site EsportsBet has just established a partnership with the Huobi cryptocurrency exchange to further ingrain crypto convenience into its service.

EsportsBet is a specialty esports and traditional sports betting website that allows users to predict on countless odds for a chance at winning. Everything from professional tier-one matches to streamer ranked games are included. Additionally, EsportsBet provides up-to-date analysis and recommendations via its community to help users make the best bets possible.

Screengrab via EsportsBet

All users will get immediate access to countless odds and statistics to help them get started making bets their way. Additionally, users have access to a 20-percent discount off all transaction fees when crypto is moved with Huobi.

Coming alongside this new partnership are multiple updates to EsportsBet’s website. These new bells and whistles include an upcoming matches tracker, a list of recent winners, a live updating coin price display, and an overall UI improvement. There’s never been a better time to start your experience with EsportsBet.

Screengrab via EsportsBet

To get started on placing bets and winning big with EsportsBet today, check out its website here.

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