electriclime° launches second ‘Game Changers’ film with Riot Games elevating women in esports – Campaign Brief Asia

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The second film, as part of the VALORANT ‘Game Changers’ series by electriclime° and Riot Games, demonstrates the potential and might of women in esports.


Telling the tale of Jinny, the Thai player, in its precedent, the sequel documentary-style spotlight is on Japanese esports sensation, Kohal through the VCT Game Changers Tournament.

Daniel Marjan, Singaporean filmmaker, reprised his role as the director and editor for this project. The electriclime° crew embarked on a journey to Berlin to capture the story’s essence.

The narrative revolves around Kohal, who aims to pioneer as the top esports player in Japan and argues that gender holds no stance in esports.

Kohal and her companions aim to combat the stereotype that they are ‘feeble because they are women’ and exhibit their resilience.

Combining guerrilla documentary recording and meticulous cinematic profiling, the project sets to extract the undiluted emotions and stories of the protagonist.


Client: Riot Games
Production Company: electriclime°
Director: Daniel Marjan
Cinematographer: Jonan Liang
Executive Producer: Michael Ahmadzadeh
Senior Producer: Dora Claire David
Creative Director: Pabz Alexander
Production Head: Rory Cavanagh
Sound Recorder: Alberto Sanchez Nue
Chief Editor: Daniel Marjan
Onsite Japanese Assistant: Yukiko Tanno
Japanese Interpreter: Rochelle Edelweiss Boon

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