Microsoft is looking for their own Genshin Impact-style title

It seems the surprising popularity of Genshin Impact has been noticed by Microsoft; the tech giant is now trying to sign with Chinese gaming studios for a piece of the pie.

Reuters reported that while Genshin is still in early development, Microsoft has been having talks with them to acquire the game for Microsoft. In the end, however, the two companies didn’t reach a deal. On release, Genshin was available for mobile devices, PlayStation, and PC.

The success of Genshin put pressure on Microsoft to look for a dev that will make as much, or maybe even more money than Genshin has done for Sony over the past two financial years. Microsoft even went so far as to build their own team just to scout for Chinese games, offering even independent studios with really big offers.

One studio was tabled an offer, Reuters reported, but an executive from that studio said they’re not signing the deal yet as they feel they will get an even better offer after the game is finished. Reuters added in the report Xbox seems to be contacting Chinese developers who focus on consoles and PC only.

Sony’s partnership with HoYoverse has left Microsoft in the dust in regards to live-service games as Sony reveals games like Apex Legends, Genshin, Fortnite, and Call of Duty: Warzone are the driving forces in PS Store spending.

While Microsoft is looking for a game that will boost their earnings, Chinese studios might be thinking of letting themselves into the western market themselves. Not too long ago, Tencent invested in Elden Ring developers even overtaking Sony’s ratio of ownership.

The ball is now on Microsoft’s court for them to make a move, a crucial one at that if they want to keep up with the behemoth Sony is becoming. 

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