Dota 2 players despise ‘disappointing’ new 10-Year Anniversary content

The high anticipation among Dota 2 fans for the much-awaited 10-Year Anniversary patch by Valve went in vain, as expectations were not met. The fans were eagerly waiting for epic celebrations and grand events, only to realise they would only get “commemorative treasures” for victorious matches until Sept. 7.

The treasure chests, featuring 13 items, could be a valued addition if there was a grand event along with it, however, Valve’s blog had no such declarations.

The fans of Dota 2 showed their disdain on community forums after going through the punful and straightforward blog post, labeling the significant milestone update as a “disappointment” and a “farce”.

The disappointment was fueled by the delay of the 10-year anniversary update, leading the users to speculate something exhilarating was in the works. The delay concluded with 13 cosmetic items, raising doubts over Valve’s dedication towards Dota 2 and its community.

Earlier in 2023, Valve proclaimed it would abandon the battle pass system, which is the chief source of content and crowdfunding for The International. The developers mentioned this change would result in more alterations, yet the skepticism persists.

The concerns continue not just over the possibility of content depletion, but professional Dota 2 players are likely to face a blow with a reduced prize pool due to the elimination of the battle pass, affecting TI’s crowdfunding process.

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With little under two months left, Valve is yet to start TI12 crowdfunding, leaving fans inquisitive about whether the game will establish record-breaking prize funds again.

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