Don’t sleep on Armored Core 6’s melee weapons

Hey, listen up, Armored Core newcomer. Want to hear a secret? 

In reality, Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon is a sequel to Bloodborne—that is, if you can figure out how to treat it as such. The game prompts you to replace grotesque creatures with colossal mechs, but the strategy remains the same: maneuver around your enemies while launching sporadic attacks on them. Remember those close combat skills you honed in Yharnam? They’ll come in handy on Rubicon 3 as well.

The starter kit hands you the BU-TT/A Pulse Blade, and it’s easy to dismiss it along with your other rudimentary starting equipment. However, deploying it effectively can expose the true power of your Armored Core, especially in the early stages of the game. Be fearless and confront your enemies directly—after all, this strategy, reminiscent of Bloodborne, is at the core of AC6, as exemplified in its first boss battle. 

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You might be inclined to maintain a safe distance and rely on your assault rifle and missile launcher to take down the PCA heavy combat helicopter—an understandable approach. 

However, this strategy often leads to a quick defeat, courtesy of the helicopter’s ruthless missile attacks that decimate your health rapidly. The key takeaway? Get close and stay put—it’s how I mastered the game. Dismantling the helicopter’s health felt instinctive as I dialed on the combat skills I had developed playing Dark Souls and its spin-offs.

Post the first boss encounter, your melee weapons remain effective in the game, especially when using Quick Boost for a swift approach. Few sights in AC6 are as rewarding as lunging at an enemy mech, hitting them twice with your laser sword before unleashing a face-to-face shotgun blow.

The melee arsenal in AC6 may not be as extensive as the myriad of ranged weapons on offer, yet it has a distinctive feel that keeps it interesting. You’ll find favorites from FromSoftware’s cherished recurring weapon, the Moonlight Greatsword. Like everything else in AC6, you won’t be left wanting for options to reimagine your giant mechanised warrior as a ninja. 

There are a total of nine melee weapons available in the game, including the Moonlight Greatsword. Each of them caters to different playstyles. Weapons such as the Double Chainsaw have their niche, but the Vvc-770LB Laser Blade was a no-brainer favorite: Nothing underscores “cool” like slicing through adversaries with a katana of pure energy.

Ultimately, you may favor taking down enemy mechs from afar, but deploying a close-range strategy is just as effective. Melee weapons could even ease Soulsborne fans into AC6’s novel combat style. One thing is for sure: An up-close fight is the last thing the other mechs are expecting.

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