Counter Claude in Mobile Legends with these 3 best heroes

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Claude is not your typical marksman hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Most marksmen need to deal damage from afar to avoid getting burst down, but playing Claude requires you to get close in a team fight.

He can jump in and out of a sticky situation with Battle Mirror Image, and siphon movement and attack speed with Art of Thievery. His iconic ultimate, Blazing Duet, is one of the most lethal offensive skills in the game.

He is a difficult hero to take down, especially if he already has two of his core items, Demon Hunter Blade and Golden Staff. However, he has one glaring weakness that makes him one step below popular marksman heroes such as Wanwan and Beatrix, and that is his short basic attack range.

Three counters to Claude in Mobile Legends


Lesley might not be a popular pick in the current meta, but she still remains a reliable counter-pick against marksman heroes with shorter basic attack ranges such as Karrie and Claude.

Having one of the longest basic attack range in the game, Lesley can easily harass the Master Thief with her passive Lethal Shot, which gives her next basic attack a longer range and higher crit chance every five seconds if she doesn’t take any damage.

Credit: Moonton Games, ONE Esports

Her second skill, Tactical Grenade, can also cancel Claude’s ultimate, Blazing Duet. If he tries to escape with Battle Mirror Image, Lesley can use Tactical Snipe to reveal where he teleported.

Popol and Kupa

Popol and Kupa is every Claude’s nightmare in the gold lane. He can stun enemies with Bite Em’ Kupa and set up traps with Popol’s Surprise.

Make sure to harass Claude in the laning phase with Bite Em’ Kupa. Once you reach level four, activate his ultimate, We Are Angry, and use the enhanced Bite Em’ Kupa to stun the Master Thief. Place a trap in front of him so that he’ll get stunned again after the first skill’s duration.

Credit: Moonton Games, ONE Esports

If he jumps on you with Battle Mirror Image and Blazing Duet, go near him and use Kupa, Help! to cancel his ultimate. This must be done quickly to avoid Claude from jumping back to his original mirror image.

Prioritize Blade of Despair and pick Vengeance as your battle spell. You can go for Sprint if your team has a crowd control heavy roamers such as Franco or Atlas.


If you want to wreak havoc in the gold lane, pick Saber. This hero can burst down Claude with his Orbiting Sword and Triple Sweep combo. He can also cancel Blazing Duet with Triple Sweep.

Blade of the Heptaseas is a must if you want to one-shot the Master Thief. If you are playing in the gold lane, the Sprint battle spell is all you need to chase down enemy heroes if they escape your Triple Sweep ultimate.

You can also opt for the Execute battle spell if he has a Vengeance battle spell, as Saber’s full combo might not be enough for a kill.

Credit: Moonton Games, ONE Esports

This matchup will boil down to whoever can use his ultimate first in the mid to late game. Make sure to check his items now and then and see whether he builds a Wind of Nature. If he does, make sure to wait for him to use it before going in with your usual combo, as Saber’s ultimate is considered a basic attack.

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