Burn X Flash puts game against Falcon Esports under protest

Burn X Flash has put its group stage match against Falcon Esports under protest.

According to a highly placed source, the Cambodian squad protested the result after a bug transpired during the 19th minute single handedly changed the trajectory of the match.

With Sour “CHMA” Mara (Fanny) chasing off Kenneth “Kenn” Hein (Ling) between Falcon Esports’ inner and base top lane turrets, Min “Naomi” Ko (Grock) quickly went into the middle of the action to save his jungler.

The Falcon Esports roamer then used his Power of Nature to try and walk away from the fight safely but Kosal “ATM” Piseth (Fredrinn) answered back by popping his Energy Eruption as soon as the Power of Nature ended.

Surprisingly, Naomi, who was supposed to get taunted by the Energy Eruption, was able to walk for a couple of seconds before eventually getting pulled right back to ATM.

The confusion started there as Burn X Flash players thought that Naomi already burned up his Flicker spell which prompted them to stay at the top lane to try and finish the match.

Unfortunately, Naomi’s Flicker was still available and that proved to be the game changer in the nail-biting match. He eventually initiated a Conceal play just moments after the skirmish before flickering in on Jhonwin “Hesa” Vergara (Karrie) and knocking him up with the Wild Charge.

That play sealed the win as Falcon Esports took down ATM, Sok “C Cat” Roth (Yve), and Hesa to turn the match around before capping it off by eliminating CHMA and Ty “D7” Oudom (Mathilda).

The source said that Burn X Flash is asking for a possible rematch.

Crucial was the match between both teams, with the winner moving to a win away from sealing a spot in the upper bracket quarterfinals.

Falcon Esports (1-1) only has Blacklist International (1-0) left on its list while Burn X Flash (0-1) is scheduled to take on Incendio Supremacy (1-1) and the reigning world champs.

Tiebreaker Times reached out to Moonton for comment but the M4 World Championship organizer respectfully declined to comment as the matter is still under investigation.

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