Best teams for Blade in Honkai: Star Rail

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Blade is an extremely powerful damage-dealing tank in Honkai: Star Rail. The five-star Wind character would be completely unstoppable if not for his complex health-draining abilities, so choosing his team carefully to construct the best Blade team possible is a crucial aspect of ensuring his success.

The best Blade team in Honkai: Star Rail

Overall, the best team for Blade is a fairly balanced one consisting of both strong damage dealers and strong support units. You want an evenly balanced lineup for any team you create in Honkai: Star Rail, but for Blade, the exact requirements of his team composition are as follows.

  • The first team member should be the primary damage dealer who damages enemies the most. This can be Blade or another recruit.
  • Your second team member should be a secondary damage dealer who also excels at dishing out damage. Generally, it’s a good idea to have one of the two damage dealers be a single target-focused recruit and the other damage dealer be a more AoE and blast-dedicated force. Blade works well as an AoE and blast damage dealer but can be either the primary or secondary DPS.
  • The third team member should be either a healer or shielder. While you can have either type of recruit alongside him, it’s generally best to avoid using a shielding unit if possible since Blade’s “Shuhu’s Gift” ability stacks as he takes damage or consumes his own health points, so you want him to take damage to stack this ability more quickly and having a shielding unit will make this difficult. You can still use a shielder with him if you’re struggling to keep him alive and don’t have a healer since you’ll find much greater success when you do have some kind of protective unit that can help ensure Blade doesn’t fall in battle, but this isn’t the best choice for him overall.
  • Your final team member can be any kind of unit you want, but having some kind of buffing unit to amplify your team’s damage-dealing abilities, especially Blade’s, is generally the best idea.
Blade is a notorious and dangerous Stellaron Hunter. Image via miHoYo

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If you’re familiar with Xiao or Hu Tao’s skillset in Genshin Impact, you have a solid understanding of how Blade works. Blade’s skills drain his own health points so that he can deal increased damage and he does this extremely well.

I find Blade a lot easier to manage than either Xiao or Hu Tao, but it is still crucial that you build your Honkai: Star Rail team with him in mind if you want to maximize his potential and ensure that he stays alive through any battle you tackle.

Best Blade team compositions in Honkai: Star Rail

To craft the best Blade team lineup possible, the best allies Blade can have are as follows.

  • Luocha
    • Rarity: Five-star
    • Element: Imaginary
    • Path: The Abundance
  • Bronya
    • Rarity: Five-star
    • Element: Wind
    • Path: The Harmony
  • Silver Wolf
    • Rarity: Five-star
    • Element: Quantum
    • Path: The Nihility
  • Bailu
    • Rarity: Five-star
    • Element: Lightning
    • Path: The Abundance
  • Dan Heng
    • Rarity: Four-star
    • Element: Wind
    • Path: The Hunt
  • Natasha
    • Rarity: Four-star
    • Element: Physical
    • Path: The Abundance
  • Asta
    • Rarity: Four-star
    • Element: Fire
    • Path: The Harmony
  • Tingyun
    • Rarity: Four-star
    • Element: Lightning
    • Path: The Harmony
You’ll usually find Blade at Kafka’s side. Image via miHoYo

There are many powerful Honkai: Star Rail recruits you can pair with Blade, but the absolute best ally of all for him is Luocha due to his immensely powerful healing skillset. If you have Luocha, placing him on a team with Blade will result in one of the best duos possible.

With all of these recruits in mind, here are the best team compositions you can craft for Blade.

1) Blade, Luocha, Silver Wolf, and Bronya

Of all the team lineups for Blade you can currently create, this is the best team composition of all for him.

In this team lineup, Blade functions as your DPS unit with Silver Wolf acting as a secondary damage dealer. Silver Wolf is also a powerful debuffer who exposes the enemies’ weaknesses for herself and her teammates to capitalize on.

Bronya is a buffing unit who applies her powerful skills to enhance her allies. When you sue Bronya’s Ultimate move, she will raise her allies’ attack and critical rate which is a powerful boost for Blade’s damage-dealing skillset. She also gets rid of debuffs on her allies which will help keep the team stronger overall.

Carefully managing Blade’s health is a must for ensuring his success. Image via miHoYo

The final member of this team is Luocha, a relentlessly powerful healer who will restore Blade’s health points so consistently that you’ll almost never need to worry about him perishing. Luocha’s abilities are also effective for the rest of the team, but Blade benefits from his skills the most.

If you don’t have the premium five-star Luocha, Gepard or Baliu can work in his place if you’ve obtained either one for free after reaching 300 pulls. Bailu is generally the better choice since Blade’s “Shuhu’s Gift”

2) Blade, Natasha, Dan Heng, and Asta

This is the best free-to-play team you can make if Blade is the only powerful five-star you currently have. Blade and Dan Heng will work together as the damage-dealing forces on this team and will dish out their brutal Wind abilities consistently.

Asta is a strong support unit for Blade here since she grants the team buffs to make them stronger including an attack boost. The last team member is Natasha, who is the only four-star healer currently available but a strong force for keeping Blade alive nonetheless.

2) Blade, Bailu, Tingyun, and Bronya

Another great healer to pair with Blade is Bailu, a five-star Lightning character whose healing prowess is second only to Luocha. She’s a lot easier to obtain than Luocha is since all players can choose to get her for free after they’ve pulled 300 times on the Standard Warp banner and she’s extremely reliable.

Bronya returns in this lineup once again with her Harmony abilities that help buff and bolster the team overall. However, she’s also joined by yet another Harmony recruit with Tingyun, one of the best four-star characters overall and an excellent ally for Blade.

You can only add Blade to your roster by pulling on his “A Lost Soul” banner. Image via miHoYo

Since Honkai: Star Rail is still a fairly new game that only launched on April 26, 2023, you can expect that more solid team compositions will arise in the future. As more solid candidates become available, Blade’s best team lineups will be updated.

We gathered this information by playing Honkai Star Rail Version 1.2 “Even Immortality Ends” on PC.

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