Alice esports team take their love of video games to next level

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The students who make up the William Adams Middle School esport team are soldiers on the battlefield — online.

Under the ACE program students participate in no-cost activities. That’s where the esports team takes place. 

Eighth grade team captain for the game ‘Apex’, Benjamin Molina feels the friendships that are made is what makes the team stronger.

“I like that it brings people together and it kind of like makes a bond with people you may have known, or not known,” he said. “I can relax and do something I enjoy with my friends and my team.”

William Adams Middle School esports coach Luis Tavarez believes a league like this can build career opportunities in the future.

“They don’t have to be an athlete to compete,” he said. “They play the mental game, which is esports. We follow UIL regulations, so these kids are passing. And then there’s opportunities for them for college. It’s not just being a professional player. You can be in marketing in esports, you can be in business in esports, cyber security for esports.”

Tavarez couldn’t be happier with the news of his students going to a championship for their craft.

Eighth grade team captain for the game Overwatch, Angel Saenz said his team has learned different strategies to work together.

“When we were starting off, we really didn’t know each other,” he said. “We didn’t have any communication or anything. We kept losing, but now, we’ve gotten better and we like actually talking to each other.” 

William Adams Middle School Principal Cidonio Cantu is grateful for the district’s support on this endeavor. 

“Spark that interest and motivation, not only in gaming, but in other industries as well,” he said.

Molina told 3NEWS that he is proud of where his team is today. 

“Without the tournaments, and the gaming team, we wouldn’t be here, where we are today,” he said.

There are already eight esport teams at Alice High School who will also be competing in a state championship in Arlington next week.

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