5 major EA FC 24 improvements required in 2024

Although EA FC 24 is currently in a better shape than it was during its release on September 29, it still has a long way to go. Until now, EA Sports has rolled out six title updates based on valuable community feedback. The majority of these updates have been focused on enhancing the gameplay to provide a more balanced and engaging experience for the players.

Despite the improvements, certain areas still demand attention. Following the typical trend of EA Sports with FC 25, EA FC 24 is set to remain on the shelves for another nine months. Therefore, addressing these areas will undeniably ease a multitude of grievances concerning both gameplay and features.

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Pivotal aspects that EA FC 24 must enhance in 2024

5) Progressions

Progressions have emerged as some of the most appreciated Ultimate Team enhancements lately. They have enabled players to enjoy a wide variety of choices while constructing their team. Progressions have offered numerous alternative options to the community, ranging from hidden talents to gold cards that would otherwise be unutilized.

However, EA Sports needs to facilitate EA FC 24 players to accomplish more than one progression challenges simultaneously. As of 2023, players are only allowed to advance one card at a time (activating one automatically deactivates others). Implementing this modification will undoubtedly make Progressions much more appealing to gamers.

4) Menu improvements

Although the issues with the menu may seem minor and do not affect gameplay, they still need to be addressed. Existing bugs in the menu include specific objectives that stay highlighted even after all rewards have been extracted.

In the PC version, players have reported random stutterings while navigating through different sections. EA Sports has already resolved some of these bugs. Still, EA FC 24 enthusiasts hope that all remaining issues will be swiftly addressed.

3) Friendlies

The significance of Friendly mode has escalated with EA FC 24, primarily due to the addition of unique cups. These cups usually revolve around an ongoing promotion and offer players a chance to earn valuable packs. To claim all rewards, players ought to attain a particular number of victories.

Unlike Division Rivals, the number of cup matches that can be played each day is restricted. Removing this constraint could be immensely advantageous for many players. Furthermore, the daily limit often promotes negative behavior as players aim to secure a win regardless of the consequences. It doesn’t seem logical to have a daily limit on friendlies when there are no such restrictions on more competitive matches like Division Rivals or Squad Battles.

2) Promotional cards for female footballers

While the decision of EA Sports to incorporate women into the Ultimate Team has led to mixed reactions, it is evident that the number of promotional cards for female footballers is not at an appropriate level. The recent Winter Wildcards promo introduced only a single prominent item – a 92-rated card of Alexia Putellas.

Considering the fact that male footballers don’t share league chemistry connections with female footballers, this makes it more challenging to include the latter in Ultimate Team squads. Not only should there be more cards of female footballers in future promos for EA FC 24, but also, these cards should be more impactful in the game’s meta.

1) The influence of AI

Without a doubt, AI in EA FC 24 is still excessively powerful. The recent Title Update significantly enhanced AI pressing in defense, thereby providing more attacking opportunities. Nonetheless, AI’s defensive role still allows inexperienced players to mask their weaknesses effectively.

AI assistance should undeniably remain in EA FC 24 but should be dialed down from its current level. Older FIFA games have always emphasized scoring goals and entertaining gameplay, an aspect most apparent in games like FIFA 19. Turning back to these roots could help win back the love of the community.

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