Zyol emerges as MVP of PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2023 Finals

Zyol, a seasoned player from IHC of PUBG Mobile, has been recognized as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) at the PMGC 2023 Grand Finals, conducted from December 8 to 10. Zyol was integral in leading his team to victory and securing the respected world champion title. The Mongolian team seized their inaugural international championship with impressive performances at the Finals and received a cash award of $400K.

Zyol, a seasoned PUBG Mobile competitor, has a competitive history spanning over four years. Additionally, he was presented with the Gunslinger Award for his outstanding play. The aggressive gameplay exhibited by IHC Esports during the Finals was pivotal to their victory. Previously under the name ‘Zeus Esports,’ the organization ranked third at the Global Championship 2020.

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Top 5 individual performers at PMGC 2023 Finals

1) Zyol – 37 kills

With a tally of 37 kills in 15 games, Zyol topped the overall leaderboard. From the tournament’s start, he showcased excellent gameplay that carried through the duration. Moreover, since joining the club in September 2020, he’s contributed 27% of the team’s total kills, demonstrating his significance to the team’s success.

2) Top – 28 kills

In the PMGC, Top from Stalwart Esports gave a captivating performance, securing 28 kills and inflicting 5869 points of damage across his 15 matches. Though his team missed winning the championship by four points, his previous achievement as the tournament’s MVP the preceding year is notable.

3) XZY – 27 kills

XZY from NS RedForce acquired third place with 27 kills and 4820 damage points. Despite finishing seventh in the overall standings, his club had a modest display in the PMGC Finals. However, his performance during the League Stage was commendable.

4) Suki – 26 kills

Suki from TEC held the fourth position with 26 eliminations and 4232 damage. The Chinese team was a direct invitee to the Grand Finals, but their performance fell short, and they placed ninth on the leaderboard.

5) DOK – 25 kills

DOK from 4Merical Vibes claimed fifth place with 25 kills and 5842 damage points. His performance significantly contributed to his team’s overall fourth-place standing. DOK made headlines in the regional South Asian tournament earlier this year, and his team awed everyone with their elite performance in the PMGC 2023.

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