xQc teases buying esports teams to start creator-backed org

Published: 2023-03-04T21:33:53

Updated: 2023-03-04T21:34:02

Content creators have started getting more and more involved in sponsoring esports teams, and former Overwatch competitor and Twitch superstar xQc is teasing that he’s already bought a Valorant team.

The era of creator-run esports organizations is just beginning, with a select few creators making waves after investing in various esports titles.

With the success of Moist Esports in multiple esports titles, other creators have taken notice and started investing in esports themselves.

xQc may be the next in line and, considering that he’s one of the most viewed (and highest earning) streamers on Twitch, he has a lot of potential when it comes to bolstering the scene. According to chat logs from xQc, he plans to start with Valorant.

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xQc claims he bought a pro Valorant team

Picking up a Valorant team is something that’s been a long time coming. He teased his involvement with the game after Disguised Toast’s team started tearing up the competition, claiming that he wanted to buy a team that could take down Toast’s roster.

He’s continued to mention his interest, particularly in a Valorant team, over the past few months. This led to a recent on-stream conversation about how, in his pursuit to purchase a team in Valorant, he almost got scammed.

Now, xQc has claimed that he’s buying a Valorant team, followed by plans to purchase a Rocket League team and a team within the LFL, the League of Legends French League. And, according to xQc, the way he’s going about picking up teams is more profitable than trying to start an organization.

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It’s unclear what xQc’s Valorant team or, by extension, his organization would be called. However, there’s a lot of potential for a creator-run business and organization to do well.

Outside of the aforementioned Moist Esports, it’s easy to look to a creator-launched business like PRIME Hydration to see just how much potential there is when it comes to content creator-backed ventures.

Whether or not xQc goes all-in on esports remains to be seen. However, if what he’s claimed in these chat messages comes to fruition, the former Overwatch pro has the potential to once again be a big name in esports. This time, as an owner.

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