What time is Dream’s face reveal?

Minecraft star Dream has been faceless all throughout his content creation career. But now, this is about to change since he has officially set a date and time for his worldwide face reveal.

Following Dream’s continuous updates that he’d be doing a face reveal soon and sometime before TwitchCon San Diego, as well as the Minecraft creator’s individual face reveal calls to a plethora of creators, fans have been eagerly wondering when it would be their turn to see the face behind the mask.

Although Dream previously tweeted out the cryptic word “today,” fans were still left wondering if it would really be happening as the day wore on with no further updates.

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Now, GeorgeNotFound has officially revealed that he has met Dream and moved to America. Thus, the one thing Dream was waiting for has finally happened and the face reveal is officially on.

Shortly after GeorgeNotFound’s reveal, Dream announced that his face reveal video will be released soon. He has also said that a photo of him and his friends will be released, although if this will happen before or after the YouTube video is currently unknown.

Dream’s official face reveal is set to premiere on his YouTube channel on Sept. 2 at around 7:30pm CT. GeorgeNotFound was also developing a video to upload that may be released around this time.

Because Dream said his video will be premiering at this time, fans will likely have to wait for a short period of time after the video is uploaded since YouTube premieres always have a countdown period.

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