Web3 sports fantasy manager Maincard.io is breaks into eSports with big-name partnerships

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Maincard.io, a web3-based sports fantasy manager centred on sports event prediction and earning rewards through gameplay, has officially made its debut in the esports sector. This development comes on the heels of solidifying a contract with esports tournament hosting platform, Community Gaming, and penning an ambassadorial pact with B8, a renowned Ukrainian eSports organization established by Danil “Dendi” Ishutin.

Esports Footprint of Maincard

Maincard.io has charted plans for 2024 to earmark up to $500,000 to engagement initiatives within eSports, with a clear vision of carving out a substantial and influential footprint in the space.

A recent agreement has been put in place with Community Gaming, which focuses on the facilitation of esports tournaments.

Plans have been set by Maincard.io to orchestrate three Dota 2 tournaments for tier-1 and tier-2 bands, on top of a significant tourney in Los Angeles towards the end of 2024.

Nikki Elise, community gaming’s worldwide event ops director, voiced:

“The partnership with Maincard brings in a new phase in the realm of Dota2 events for Community Gaming. Together, we aim to roll out a series of tournaments featuring intense competitive bouts, novel technologies, and an immersive experience that caters both players and spectators.”

Partnership with B8

The amicable agreement with B8, under the aegis of the celebrated Danil “Dendi” Ishutin, stands as a tactical manoeuvre for Maincard.io.

Dendi, a renowned Dota 2 victor, is an influential eSports personality and a streamer.

The year 2023 saw B8, owing to its focus on Dota 2 and Counter-Strike, bidding its adieu after its expressive performance in the Dota 2 EPL Season 14 tourney.

The alliance puts Maincard.io in a position to harness the status, triumphs, and collective prowess of Dendi and his crew, fostering a potential partnership that might transcend conventional sponsorship barriers.

Reflecting on the collaboration, Valerii Makovetskii, CEO of Maincard.io, opined:

“We take delight in backing promising teams led by exceptional leaders. B8 serves as a prime partner to spread awareness about Maincard’s mandate of promoting mass adoption of Blockchain among the populous and burgeoning industry of Gaming.”

Dendi, B8’s founder, expressed:

“We at B8 are exhilarated to enter a partnership with Maincard.io. This venture unlocks dynamic opportunities for interaction and presents an advanced platform to bridge gaming and blockchain technology. We eagerly anticipate starting this expedition with Maincard.io, pushing gaming and technological frontiers as one.”

The Road Ahead

A collaboration with eSports celebrities is imminent for Maincard.io, thus expanding its ambassador lineup. The firm also harbors intentions of curating a unique compilation of game cards carrying depictions of all esteemed ambassadors.

Maincard.io is dedicated to boosting engagement within the web3-based esports community.

Strategic partnerships like these are instrumental in positioning the platform at the hub of eSports interest while delivering a unique and technologically superior experience to gaming enthusiasts.

About Maincard.io

Maincard.io is a web3-based sports fantasy manager that empowers users to gain rewards through gameplay.

Set as a free-to-play model, Maincard.io’s goal is to familiarize audience with web3 concepts via engaging entertainment.

The platform further escalates its expansion across varied sports segments for gaming prediction, including esports, NBA, Major Football leagues, NFL, NHL, MMA, MLB, Cricket, and more.

For additional information, users are encouraged to follow Maincard.io on: Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Medium


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