Vitality knock out home team Global Esports

The backgrounds of Global Esports and Vitality Esports are intertwined, with Rushindra Sinha, Founder and CEO of Global Esports, once courted by a potential sponsor to establish Vitality India. Rather than pursuing that path, Sinha concentrated on building Global Esports, which now represents India exclusively in the VCT Pacific. The two teams met in the VALORANT Convergence, an official OFF//SEASON tournament in Bangalore, India. Not surprisingly, the encounter was distinctly one-sided, with Vitality effortlessly defeating the hosting team 2-0.

VALORANT Convergence 2023

Image Credits: Riot Games

VALORANT Convergence 2023: Dominating 2-0 Win for Team Vitality over Global Esports

Both Team Vitality and Global Esports have put together their squads for the forthcoming 2024 VCT League. Except, Global Esports sees the return of ex-player Skillz, stepping in for unavailable Benkai for this event.

From start to finish, Team Vitality seemed to be in complete control, leaving GE bewildered. On numerous occasions, Vitality effortlessly navigated the pace of the round. The standout contribution, however, came from Team Vitality’s Emil “runneR” Trajkovski who was declared the MVP.

Image Credits: Riot Games

In his spectacular performance, runneR single-handedly dominated the Global Esports team, ending with a KDA of 49/20/4. He achieved 2 kills in 4 rounds, 3 kills in one round, 4 kills in the second last round, and finally, an Ace in the decisive round on the Sunset map. Similar scenes ensued on the Breeze map, as runneR concluded the game with a KDA of 21/9/2.

Global Esports Fall Flat

The lopsided outcome was a tremendous letdown for Global Esports and their supporters, who had hopeful expectations heading into 2024. Following their victory against GE, Vitality proceeded to claim a 2-0 victory against Furia, solidifying their position in the Grand Finals and eliminating both teams from the tournament.

Image Credits: Riot Games

Nevertheless, Global Esports has an opportunity to make amends before their home crowd as they face Furia in their final VALORANT Convergence match. The match can be watched live on the VCT Pacific YouTube channel.

Indian fans took some comfort in the performance of True Rippers, the local qualifiers, who nearly overcame Gen G in a thrilling three-match series. On the downside, the first day of the VALORANT Convergence faced a 4-hour delay, resulting in considerable disappointment from fans at the event and online. The second day proceeded without hiccups, however.

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