Vikings Trade Up For Surprise Quarterback in CBS Sports Mock Draft

A recent mock draft by CBS Sports’ R.J. White breaks from the norm and makes some chaotic predictions for the quarterback class. This scenario may not be ideal for the Vikings, who are preparing for all possibilities.

In White’s mock draft, Drake Maye goes second to the Commanders, J.J. McCarthy is selected third by the Patriots, and Jayden Daniels falls to the fourth pick, with the Giants trading up to get him. This leaves the Vikings without a shot at the top four QBs. Instead of waiting until later picks to take Michael Penix Jr. or Bo Nix, the Vikings trade up to the Falcons’ eighth pick to select Penix.

“With all top four quarterbacks gone in the first four picks, the Vikings need to make a move. They position themselves by trading for the 23rd pick. It’s possible they stick with Penix at 11, who has been gaining buzz as a potential first-round pick despite concerns. However, with competition from Denver and Las Vegas, they opt to trade up to secure Penix at No. 8,”

This surprising outcome sees the Vikings missing out on the top QB prospects and trading up for the fifth QB, losing their 23rd pick in the process. This move, along with previous trades, means the Vikings essentially give up their 2025 second-round pick for Penix.

If the Vikings do miss out on the top QBs, they may consider taking Penix/Nix at 11 or opt for a defensive player and hope for one of the QBs at 23. While trades could happen, it’s unlikely for the Vikings to move up for a QB other than Maye, McCarthy, or Daniels.

Stay tuned for more Vikings news and analysis throughout the offseason.

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