Valve, Perfect World bans more than 40 Dota pros

Valve and Perfect World are banning more than 40 Dota 2 professionals due to “esports integrity violations.”

The complete list of players implicated were announced last night, and included players who only recently played at the Lima Major. These pros will be banned from all Valve and Perfect World events, which includes the Dota Pro Circuit Tours and Majors.

The ban lengths vary, likely on the severity, ranging from a one-year suspension to indefinite.

The Knights players who attended the recent Lima Major were all banned indefinitely. You can see the full list of players banned here.

China’s Dota Pro Circuit receives devastating blow following Valve bans

The bans were so wide-reaching that Perfect World was forced to ban five separate teams from China’s Dota Pro Circuit for the next Tour, including Antarctic Penguins, EHOME, Solitude, Kylin Esports Club, and Team Mystique.

This means that only two teams are left in its Division II, with six teams to join the competitive from open qualifiers next Tour.

Remus “ponlo” Goh, currently a support player for Alliance with former experience in China, wrote that while these bans were deserved, there could be extenuating circumstances.

“While all of them deserve their bans, some of them are likely to have been blackmailed consistently throughout their career after they did it once due to ignorance/immaturity many years ago,” ponlo wrote. “Try to remember that before we pile onto them.”

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