VALORANT Champions 2024 will be hosted in Seoul, South Korea

South Korea was the natural pick for VALORANT Champions 2024 (Photo: Getty Images)

The new season of VALORANT esports is underway, with Riot Games announcing South Korea as the host country for the finale of the 2024 VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT).

“I am thrilled to confirm that Champions 2024 will take place in Seoul, South Korea from 1st to 24th August,” stated Jake Sin, Head of VALORANT Esports APAC, during the VCT Pacific Kickoff tournament’s opening ceremony.

“This is indeed very exciting news for not just our Korean followers, but the entire Asia-Pacific gaming community.”

For the first time since the initiation of VALORANT Champions in 2021, the tournament will be held in the Asia Pacific region.

The preceding VALORANT Champions event took place in Los Angeles, while Berlin organized the competition in 2022. The inaugural VALORANT Champions was hosted by Istanbul, Turkey in 2021.

Sin revealed that several factors were taken into account when deciding the host city, including cost, availability, infrastructure, Visa processing, and other aspects. Seoul stood out amongst all the possible choices.

“Esports has always found a home in Korea, and by hosting Champions 2024 here, we aim to honor that,” explained Sin.

“From the vibrant gaming cafes to the dynamic vibes of live events, Seoul provides an ideal setting for the VCT climax.”

Riot underscored the centrality of the fan experience in their decision to select Seoul as this year’s VALORANT Champions venue.

“We believe in reaching out to our fans wherever they are,” Sin added.

Sin expressed his enthusiasm about Seoul being chosen as the host city, highlighting the tremendous opportunity it brings for the Korean fans and the broader Asia Pacific esports community.

How do teams qualify for VALORANT Champions?

The current VCT Season offers more ways for teams to earn qualification to VALORANT’s highest-tier tournament via “Championship Points.” These points are crucial in identifying which teams get a spot in the esteemed VALORANT Champions event at the season’s close.

Teams gather championship points according to their performance throughout the season, earning points with each win.

During the first two stages, teams secure a point for every match won, while triumphs in the Kickoff and Masters events yield three points each.

The goal is simple: reward consistency. As the games intensify, only the most determined teams will top the leaderboard.

Currently, fans can continue supporting their preferred teams as they compete in their respective leagues, striving for championship glory, a place in the VCT Masters Madrid, and amassing championship points to qualify for this year’s Champions event.

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