Valhallan Esports Training to celebrate grand opening

Xavier and Cameron thoroughly enjoy their gaming experience in the safe and inclusive environment equipped with high-quality computers and devices at the Valhallan Wake Forest Esports Training. Credit: Angel Bender Jamison | Special to The Weekly

The grand launch of a fresh youth esports training arena is commencing in Wake Forest on Saturday, Aug. 26 at 1 p.m. The goal of Valhallan Esports Training is not only to endorse video gaming but also instill important life skills in kids aged 7 to 17, a press release mentioned.

Positioned on 10500 Ligon Mill Road, Valhallan Esports Training distinguishes itself as the inaugural youth-oriented esports training establishment in the northern region of Wake County. It’s also the first unaffiliated Valhallan franchise in the U.S.

The establishment lavishly provides superior computers and gaming apparatus that promotes learning, play, and exploration for the young ones.

The opening festivity extends until 4 p.m. on Saturday, with a grand prize drawing inclusive of a free three-month membership, appreciating $499, and three free one-month memberships, valuing $199.

Alexi and Cinnamon Claudio, a married couple from Wake Forest with four sons aged between 3 and 23, own and direct Valhallan Wake Forest.

“We ardently desire our sons to cultivate beneficial gaming practices rather than spending excessive time alone in front of screens. We’ve always been in search of a space where local kids can enhance their esports and life skills. Esports presents a unique opportunity for competition for those who don’t pursue traditional sports. Valhallan Wake Forest encourages a secure, receptive and inclusive atmosphere,” stated Cinnamon Claudio.

The facility introduces monthly membership options of four sessions per month, or one two-hour session per week. These sessions consist of esports coaching, distinctive curriculum, a safe youth-oriented player pool, and regular tournament participation.

Current offers include packages for four monthly sessions (two-hour sessions once a week) that incorporate esports coaching, unique curriculum, a youth-centric safe player pool, and frequent tournament play. Sign-ups are conducted during or post the youth player’s skill evaluation.

Apart from this, the arena also hosts camps, birthday parties, and other special events.

Esports, short for electronic sports, continually thrives in this growing $1.7 billion industry. In fact, universities such as William Peace University in Raleigh now offer degrees and competitive play in esports.

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