USM Esports Partners with Bye Blue Light on Gaming Eyewear

10/12/2023 – 08:42am | Written by: Van Arnold

The Esports program at The University of Southern Mississippi (USM) has forged a strategic partnership with Bye Blue Light, a leading player in the eyewear protection industry for gamers. This collaboration aims to promote the health and welfare of esports athletes and augment their gaming experiences.

Providing cutting-edge eyewear protection, Bye Blue Light helps mitigate the adverse effects of blue light radiation. This ensures gamers get to safely engage in extended gaming bouts in comfort.

“This alliance signifies a lot to Southern Miss Esports as it complements our program ethos of prioritizing student health and wellness,” David Dickert, USM Esports Coordinator imparts. “Bye Blue Light glasses will equip students to stave off eye strain from extensive tech use and furnish a trendy solution for blue light glasses.”

USM’s Esports is a vibrant program intended to build a sense of community and competition while encouraging wholesome gaming practices. This initiative emphasizes fielding competitive esports teams to represent the university in collegiate competitions. It seeks to mold well-rounded individuals via competitive experiences and equips them with industry training in their areas of choice for life after graduation.

“Observing another esteemed university take the lead in safeguarding their players with tailored Bye Blue Light frames is exciting,” says Brian Bumpus, Bye Blue Light Chief Operating Officer. “Health and wellness take precedence for us, and our working relationship with David and USM has been mutually enjoyable. Institutions which foreground player safety are a delight to behold.”

The esports program at USM presently competes in esteemed conferences such as the National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE), ECAC Esports, and the National Esports Competition Conference (NECC). The University of Southern Mississippi students are eligible to participate in the program, with various student participation levels as follows:

  1. Signed Student-Athletes – Official Teams: These students have signed up as student-athletes to compete in official conferences such as NACE, ECAC, and NECC.
  2. Academy Teams: Students in this category, while not signed as student-athletes, compete in official conferences as emerging teams. It’s open to all interested students, with no skill level restrictions.
  3. Gaming Club Members: All interested gamers are welcome to join this community, which hosts entertaining events, conventions, and cross-club collaborations with a gaming flavor.

For additional details regarding Esports at USM, dial 601.266.5701.

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