Ultra Launches New Trailblazing eSports Platform

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It’s here. The Ultra Arena is live and welcoming players around the world to participate in online tournaments. It’s gaming, but not as you know it. Ultra is in the game to shake up PC gaming, bringing all the best bits of Web3 to the online PC gaming experience. The Ultra Arena is just one way that they’re getting it done, alongside a thriving Discord community, exciting NFTs to buy and trade, and their very own crypto.

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Ultra Launches New Trailblazing eSports Platform

Ultra started its journey back in 2016, coming in hot as a contender to the world’s biggest PC gaming platform, Steam. The team behind the project was made up of people who’d been with some of the world’s biggest companies, such as Google, Microsoft, and Uber. The team thought the PC gaming market was the perfect candidate for shaking up in the form of Web3. Digital ownership, as is possible through blockchain gaming technologies, simply makes sense when it comes to traditional gaming. Being able to provably acquire and own digital assets, like game assets and awards, and being able to display these on a global scale, is perfect for the world of PC gaming.

Ultra’s focus was on building a platform that is as usable as Steam, but better, with a thriving developer community and game publishing from across AAA games to niche indie titles and gaming houses. When Steam takes 30% of the game costs for its distribution, it means that there needs to be more competition. With 30 or so games launched on the platform per day, there is no way that Steam can advertise the right titles to the right people to justify that sort of price tag – according to Ultra.

Ultra is built on its very own blockchain with an EOSIO base, running at up to 13,000 transactions in just one second. The platform offers a 15% revenue split instead of Steam’s 30%, too, an attractive offer to game developers looking for something different and new. The platform even contains a marketing toolbox so that developers can reach their audiences more effectively.

All about the Ultra Arena

While the Ultra gaming platform has been live for some time, the Ultra Arena was only just launched on August 8. But what is the Ultra Arena?

The Arena is touted as “the premier application for hosting token-based tournaments for amateur to professional players” (that’s their words). It’s an E-Sports arena where players can join in tournaments in their favorite online PC games. It’s a bold move forward for Web3 gaming.

In the Arena, players can compete for NFTs and $UOS, the token of the Ultra ecosystem. The ownable assets that players can collect, trade, and sell, make them inherently valuable, and this extends the E-Sports field to even non-professional players to be able to win prizes of value.

The Arena is similar to other E-Sports arenas, where players can join teams, play in tournaments, track progress and statistics, and explore games from the likes of League of Legends, Overwatch 2, and PUBG.

The Arena is also made with developers and brands in mind. It’s designed to be a slick marketing vehicle and tie into other campaigns easily. This makes it an excellent opportunity for gaming companies to really control the conversation around these new types of tournaments.

How to play on the Ultra Arena

Ultra is available for download on Windows 10 and 11. It’s necessary to download the platform to be able to play Ultra’s range of games, purchase digital assets on their Uniq Marketplace, and compete in the Arena. The platform also includes Ultra’s very own Wallet where you can buy UOS coins to drop on NFTs and other exclusive content, or simply receive rewards from participating in community events.

It’s also recommended that you drop by Ultra’s Discord server to familiarize yourself with the Ultra gaming experience, platform, NFTs, popular games, and Arena play. While the Arena is only just live, you can see upcoming tournaments from the likes of Valorant, Call of Duty: Warzone, Apex Legends, Overwatch 2, and PUBG: Battleground, all with their registrations open to sign up and join. Selecting a tournament will show you when the tournament is open, how many participants and required, the number of rounds, the format, and when the tournament will be held.

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