UHSAA sanctions esports as an official high school activity

From Salt Lake City, the Utah High School Activities Association (UHSAA) reveals its plan to officially include esports as a high school activity, starting from the school year 2025-26.

The sanction, which was unanimously approved by the UHSAA Board of Trustees, paves the way for statewide organized esports events that will have the backing of the UHSAA.

Known as a multiplayer video game competition that’s watched by spectators, esports will now have a wider audience in the school community.

The UHSAA, in a press release, noted that the esports season would span January to April, permitting students to exercise their abilities in various popular video games as school representatives.

Rob Cuff, the UHSAA’s executive director, voiced his delight over the move to include esports, saying it afforded a distinctive channel for students to engage and compete. He further expressed that it held the possibility of enhancing the high school experience for a broader group of students.

Stakeholder consultation with school administrators, educators, students, and community members was undertaken by UHSAA prior to sanction approval.

Cuff also added, “Esports has the potential to unite students in an innovative way, promoting teamwork, strategic reasoning, and leadership skills. By recognizing esports as an official activity, we aim to offer more opportunities for students to evolve both within the game, and outside it.”

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