This Week in Michigan Tech Esports

Monday, October 24
• Rocket League A vs. Kansas 7 p.m. NACE Starleague Conference Championship
• Rocket League B vs. Florida Southern 7 p.m. NACE Starleague. Stream:

Tuesday, October 25
• League of Legends vs. Drexel 7 p.m. NACE Starleague
• Overwatch 2 vs. Cincinnati 7 p.m. NACE Starleague. Stream:

Thursday, October 27
• Apex Legends vs. Various 7 p.m. Phase One Fall Series Finals
• Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate vs. Oakland 7 p.m. NACE Starleague Conference Championship
• Overwatch 2 vs. Siena Heights 7 p.m. NACE Starleague
• League of Legends vs. Minnesota State 7 p.m. NACE Starleague

Friday, October 28
• CSGO vs. TBD 7 p.m. NACE Starleague Conference Championship
• Overwatch 2 vs. Concordia Texas 7:30 p.m. Activision-Blizzard Collegiate
• Overwatch 2 vs. McMaster 9 p.m. Activision-Blizzard Collegiate

All in-person events are in bold

Times are subject to change, check Twitter @MTUEsports for updates.

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Apex Legends

Tech qualified for finals of the Phase One Esports Fall Series tournament with a first-place finish on Thursday. In game 5, team captain Griffin Wick “TheGr33nB3an” secured 10 of the team’s 11 kills to pave their road to the last team standing. The Huskies placed third in their pool of 16 teams, and 10th overall.

This Thursday, Tech battles 19 other teams in the final battle royale.


Friday, the Huskies finished their season leading the conference 6-1. Old Dominion conceded the match.

Conference Championship matches will be announced Wednesday pending the result of Kennesaw State versus George Mason on Wednesday.

League of Legends

Tuesday, Tech’s summoners beat Kansas City Esports 2-0. Kevin Doerr “Sixty Seven” did 24,979 damage to champions as Gragas.

Wednesday, the Huskies won the rematch with Cleveland State 2-0. Hayden Long “BIG DADDY BARD” dealt 29,122 damage to champions as Vex. MTU is now 3-2 in NECC regular season play.

Thursday, Tech kept it competitive against Maryville but was not able to close either match out – falling 2-0. The Huskies are now 3-1 in the NACE Varsity Premier League of Legends Tournament. This places them second in the division behind Maryville.

This week, in the NACE Starleague the Huskies face Drexel on Tuesday and Minnesota State Mankato Thursday. In the NECC league, the Huskies have a match currently getting scheduled with Northern Kentucky.

Overwatch 2

Tech’s Overwatch 2 team is undefeated in their NACE Starleague Varsity+ regular season with a 4-0 record. 

Tuesday, the Huskies ran it down over Oklahoma City University 3-0. Max Kinlin “Sky” put 41 eliminations on the board as D.Va and Isaac McKinney “Isaac” secured 31 eliminations as Sojurn.

Thursday, Tech continued the tradition of victories over Central Michigan with another win 3-1. Lucas Haskins “cheesebread” put 44 kills on the board as Reaper and Gen Myers “HelixNebula” provided 15,388 points of healing as Baptiste.

Friday, the Huskies beat both Lafayette and SFA 2-0. Against Lafayette, Lucas Haskins “cheesebread” had 26 kills as Mei. Maxwell Kinlin “Sky” returned with 31 kills as D.Va alongside Isaac McKinney “Isaac” with 31 kills as Sojurn. This brings Tech’s record to 3-1 in the Activision Blizzard Collegiate Tournament.

This week, catch the stream at 7 p.m. on Tuesday to cheer on the Huskies as they take on Cincinnati. Thursday, the Huskies face Siena Heights.

For Activision-Blizzard Collegiate Friday, Tech first battles Concordia Texas and then McMaster.

Rocket League

The A team closed out its regular season strong with back-to-back 3-0 sweeps over Roanoke and Oral Roberts. Tyler Tappin “Tater” scored five goals in game one and Isaac Stilwell “stewy” put away four goals in game two over Roanoke. Game two against Oral Roberts, both Nolin Szafranski “skiboy” and Tyler Tappin “Tater” scored a pair of goals.

Tech ends its regular season of NACE Varsity Premier with a 5-2 record. They played Kansas in a rematch Monday at 7 p.m. These two teams faced week one where Tech fell 3-1.

The B team won Monday over Cincinnati (3-1). Jerrad Smithhart “Cheesy” scored three goals in the series to bring the Huskies their first win of the season. This week, Tech looks to improve its 1-3 record first against Florida Southern Monday at 7 p.m.

Super Smash Bros: Ultimate

Thursday, Smash ended its season with a dominant 2-0 victory over Purdue Fort Wayne. To close game 2 Brandon Klein “Coast’ took the first five stocks as Piranha Plant and Ryan Mackie “Mack” cleaned up the remaining seven stocks as Donkey Kong.

Tech ends the season with a 5-2 record. The Huskies face Oakland in the first round of the conference championship Thursday at 7 p.m.


Another week, another Huskies Valorant win. The undefeated streak of now 5-0 continued with a 2-0 win over Keiser Sarasota. Adam Dums “TheFlash413” planted five Spikes as Sova and Giancarlo Maue “Galactar” scored 28 frags as Neon.

This week Tech has a bye with an FFW over UNC-Chapel Hill. Next week they face Kansas City.

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